Friday, March 6, 2009

The Toadies - Possum Kingdom

Ok so this is what nerdy married couples do. I have my laptop open reading emails and other blogs. My man Erik has his laptop open to music sites and is playing his guitar. 1/2 the time I tune him out but then he will play a song I really like. So this Toadies one hit wonder song comes on. I love this song.

It came out when I lived in Houston. A super shitty town and a super shitty part of my life. But a great song. And I was always under the impression from the lyrics that it was about vampires and the lake was Lake Pontchartrain in New Orleans. I had this romantic visual in my head that I thought about as I drove around stinky Houston listening to that song.

So I go to the infamous Youtube and find that song and then read all the comments. Damn. It's not about vampires and New Orleans. It's about a serial murder and rapist. That sucks. Makes sense why that is their only hit. Fuckers.


Thomas said...

You live/lived in Texas and had no idea there was a Possum Kingdom Lake outside Dallas? Okay, so it's a big State. As for vampires radio DJ's gave it that label I doubt you had the ability to think it up yourself. Todd Lewis singer and song writer of the Toadies has never denied it was or wasn’t about vampires. He’s has said that Possum Kingdom Lake was a place he went camping as a kid and they told ghost stories around the camp fire. How can you let what you’ve read on You Tube from so called “fans” make you mad at the Toadies. They didn’t write those comments. There are obviously two different ideas of what the song is about.

My question to you is, after all these years people are still discussing the lyrics to a song you made popular over 15 years ago why would they ever end the debate?

By the way they have released a new album ‘No Deliverance’. Check out their website.
Check out their new single. ‘Song I Hate’
Free download here.

Charlotte said...

I think of a lot of shit up on my own, trust me.

I lived in Houston for only 18 months and Texas is a horrible, awful place so excuse me for blocking out the geography.

You are right I should not let the comments of You Tube users replace facts.

Thanks for the free download.

Anonymous said...

Dear Thomas:

Never ever reply to my sister in such a haughty and dismissive tone again. I have it on good authority that vampires and radio djs will take you around the boathouse and show you their dark secrets and you'll never be able to make an irrelevant reply to a MOMMY BLOG ever again without thinking "I am a douche of incredible magnitude."
Also I will kick you in the buttocks.

Charlotte said...

Dear Anonymous Brother,
Thank you for sticking up for me. You crack me up!

Anonymous said...

man it was a subpar effort but now i feel i should have said "douche of extraordinary magnitude", because using "incredible" instead of "extraordinary" just wasn't expressing how i really, truly, felt.

Charlotte said...

Oh yes I guess that does sound better. Hee hee.

Anonymous said...

Texas is the greatest state in the union and let me just say, "we're glad you left." I don't know how anyone can say such bad things about it. If you hit a rough spot in your life while you lived there, it's not the state's fault obviously. Secondly, this song was not the Toadies only hit. They are currently touring all over the country and in the U.K. 3rdly, this blog randomly popped up on Google search when looking for a particular phrase pertaining to the Toadies... no one is looking for the Mommy Blog or whatever you called it.

Charlotte said...

G-d made Tx. so bugs, snakes and assholes have somewhere to live. So obviously it's not Texans fault they live in such a shithole. Any douchebag still listening to The Toadies, please don't read my blog.