Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Former Party Girls turned Moms are the only ones allowed to read this.

When I first had kids I joined a mom's club. The next best thing after playgroup was MNO (Mom's Night Out). But some of us interpret that differently. I would leave, "Goodnight ladies", and then I would get a six-pack and drive to Las Trampas.  I would put my feet up, sip some brew and watch the owls hunt. Then I would go home, pump and dump, and pass out. If I didn't do that, then I would take my husband's Mercedes and drive 130 mph from San Ramon to Fremont and back again, with the sun-roof open and blasting The Stones.

We traded the Mercedes in for a Honda and we both turned 40. Yuck. I had a MNO this evening and the most rebellion I could scrounge up was a trip to the local watering hole (after the mom's visit was over). The scene was ridiculous, I drank half a beer and bailed.

Is this it? 

Friday, December 3, 2010

I Support Violence Against Children

Of course I do not support violence against children. Sigh. But if you haven't been on Facebook yet today let me tell you what's going on. There is currently a campaign on Facebook right now encouraging people to change their profile pictures to a favorite cartoon character to make a stand against child abuse. Below is the status update explaining this phenomenon.

"Change your FB profile picture to a cartoon from your childhood. The goal? To

not see a single human face on FB until Monday, December 6th. Join the

fight against child abuse; copy & paste and invite your friends to

do the same."

Let me tell you why I am refusing to do this, even though the majority of my friends and family are participating in this event. I do not want to equate the cartoons of my childhood with child abuse. It disturbs me.

"The Goal? To not see a single human face.....". That is a horrible goal! Humans commit the crime of child abuse, not fictional cartoon characters.

Want to make a stand against child abuse? Put a human face on it.  Not a victim's face, an offender's face.

 I am not really suggesting anyone do this, but I believe it would be way more appropriate to change your profile picture to the picture of a child abuser. Maybe a picture of your own abuser. The majority of crimes against children are done by a family member or "friend". 

 It's a very real possibility that a lot of Facebook members have a picture of their offender.  Do you want to equate that person with your favorite cartoon character?  Do you want one of your friends to look at your profile picture of a cartoon and be invaded by unpleasant memories?

You can't control how another person feels or perceives, I realize that.  I know that everyone who is participating in this has only the best intentions in their heart.  Otherwise you wouldn't be my Facebook friend, right?  I am just telling you that I feel, strongly, that refusing to participate in this particular campaign will be more effective in the long run.

What did I do today to prevent child abuse? I kept myself healthy, I talked and listened to my kids, and I took time to check in with their teachers. Think globally, but start locally.

 This time of the year is supposed to be gleeful and joyous. But it can be stressful, demanding, depressing and very disappointing. Do you want to avoid child abuse? Give yourself, or a parent you know a break.

Below are some websites from people who work hard everyday to prevent child abuse and take care of victims.

Stop it Now!

First 5 California

Child Abuse Prevention Council

Child Abuse Prevention Association

I promise the next thing I write will be funny.