Thursday, November 12, 2009

Out Of The Ashes~Custom Jewelry by Katy Boynton

I am very excited to go to Auntie M.'s tomorrow night for a special jewelry party. This is not your usual, factory-made jewelry party that you receive evites for at least once a month. These pieces are hand-made from vintage jewelry, and creative jewelry made from found items. The artist, Katy Boynton, has also branched out to precious metal clay. And all of those pieces are handmade, dried, torch or kiln fired, antiqued and finally polished. The pictures below are just a small sampling of what will be on display at the party tomorrow evening.

This is a very special piece that was one of Katy's first. The "open" is taken off of a brass hose component that was manufactured during WWII by her grandfather. She inherited it from her mother's cousin when she passed away. Katy immediately recognized the historical and nostalgic significance of that component. She wanted to use the "open" for something but that was before she even knew how to create using precious metal clay.

Some PMC (precious metal clay) can be customized for people with initials, certain symbols and words.

Katy is constantly switching up styles to appeal to every taste and budget.

Katy started making jewelry while in college, in Chico, when a friend of her's showed her how to make hemp necklaces. Once she mastered the basic knotting, she was ready to add beads. As she walked into her first bead shop in downtown Chico, the knotting and beading suddenly became more than just a hobby. On her frequent trips to the bead shop she learned how to make other types of jewelry from the ladies in the store.

Katy's friends and family started receiving custom gifts for birthdays and Christmas every year. Then, a good friend asked her to create matching jewelry for a dress she was wearing to a very fancy wedding. She was the first one to start pushing Katy to sell her creations.

At first Katy resisted, arguing that her friend's liked her stuff because it was made specifically for them. She finally agreed to hold her first party. It was a success! Now Katy gained confidence in her abilities and started taking classes for using precious metal clay to create unique items that couldn't be purchased at any shop. That's been her passion for the past several years. She will soon be learningthe art of making fine jewelry to further enhance her skills.
I am very excited to go to this party tomorrow night, and not just because I get to leave my kids and home and drink with my chicas but I want to get there early and pick out the best pieces! Feel free to check out Katy's Facebook page highlighting her business Out of The Ashes.

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

The Bone in The Burbs

This is for my local N.E.O.s 107.7 The Bone were out here in the burbs this morning. I heard about it on the radio as I took my oldest to his kindergarten class. It's Ta-Ta-Tuesday which means women flash their tits. I always thought that was a joke so I just cruised on over there for a free bumpersticker. I had my 2 and 3 year old with me, and as we turned into the parking lot of our local In & Out Burger I saw The Bone van surrounded by a group of men. I have never seen that many construction workers in one place outside of a family reunion.

Difference between this and a family reunion was these guys were expecting to see my boobs. Uh, no. Too early, too sober and I had my kids with me. As I walked up to this group sure enough a lady flashed her Ta-Tas. If you want to know they were real, and perky. My monkeys didn't see anything though, they were focused on the free candy. And I did announce as I walked up that, " I am not flashing you guys this morning, I am just getting a bumper sticker.". That got a good laugh.

The guy behind the table also gave me a poster, which my daughter suggested we put on our garage door. But I am pretty sure my home owner's association would have something to say about that. I told her we could hang it inside of the garage. I am proud of my local rock station, this whole Ta-Ta-Tuesday gimmick is not just about seeing tits for free on a weekday morning. They actually have teamed up with the Breast Cancer Fund. I didn't know this until I got home and looked at their website. I would have left a few bucks after taking my bumper sticker.

Now that you know about their good work, don't hesitate to stop by The Bone van next time they are in your neighborhood on Ta-Ta-Tuesday. You can leave a donation for breast cancer research, see some titties, or flash your's and still make it to work on time.

Monday, November 9, 2009

Stupak Amendment to Health Care Reform Bill

I am going to make this explanation, of the Stupak Amendment, as simple as possible. Not because I think my readers are simple, but because I know that most of my readers are parents. And if parents concentrate too intently on something while their children are awake..........well see the picture below for what can occur.

I started to write this informative post roughly 2 hours ago. In the meantime my 2 year old hand painted the bathroom mirror with soap, I had to mediate fights between my 3 and 5 year old, my 3 year old wanted an egg salad sandwich and then my 2 year old needed a diaper change. Now my bathroom smells fresh and fruity like our hand soap, but my house smells like poop and egg salad. I finally gave up and planted all three kids in front of the t.v. with some Halloween candy.

You are probably disgusted and thinking, "Why bother?". I bother because I have 3 kids, and I want my children to grow to adulthood in a country where abortions are safe and legal.

So here goes, I am going to try to explain the Stupak Amendment which was added to the Health Care Reform Bill which was passed last Saturday night (Nov. 7th 2009).

1) If Stupak goes through in the final health care bill abortions will not be covered by private or public insurance. You will have to pay for an abortion out of your own pocket. Average price is anywhere from $500.-$1,000. You can purchase a rider for your insurance to cover abortion in case of an accidental pregnancy. Kind of like earthquake or flood insurance that you add to your home owner's insurance. Nice huh?

2)The only abortions to be covered are pregnancies that occur from rape or incest, or “where a woman suffers from a physical disorder, physical injury, or physical illness that would, as certified by a physician, place the woman in danger of death.” . But you must keep a baby with severe abnormalities.

3) Allows discrimination against abortion providers.

Sound too simple? Read here for more information, and if you want a cure for insomnia, then read here for even more information.

If you agree with me and want your children to grow up in a country where a woman has the right to choose what to do with her body, and where physicians are not punished, and penalized, for offering controversial but legal services. Then go here to enter your zip code and find out who you need to call and give an ass-chewing.

If you don't I will send this guy to wreck your house.

Monday, November 2, 2009

Halloween is More Stressful than Christmas/Hannukah!

Remember how insanely happy you were at Halloween when you were a kid? Like seriously out of your mind? Even if your family didn't have a ton of money, and you didn't have the best costume in the world, Halloween was almost always guaranteed fun. That's because your Mom did everything.

Last Thursday, Oct. 29th, I started thinking about all the things I needed to get done to get the kids ready for their school parties, parade and then Halloween itself. Which includes dragging my crazy 2 year old along and trying to get him to maintain. Plus all the other usual crap I have to do. I started freaking out!

On my Facebook page I put my concerns in my status update. Sometimes you write something in your status update and everyone ignores you. Sometimes you accidentally start a shit-storm, this time it was a mommy vent-fest! Read below to see what I'm talking about. I have deleted the last names to protect the innocent.

Charlotte: is it me or is it kind of stressful getting kids costumed and to all of their activities on time with a smile on your face?

The sugar high afterwards is the best @@Is your parade today? Was hoping that we got to wrangle kids together on Friday!
October 29 at 9:42am ·

Absolutely stressful! Hope you had fun once you got there.
October 29 at 10:30am ·

Super stressful, in fact, this morning I was thinking that having kids and keeping crap organized is never ending, especially with school! And what is worse is when I finally show up all in one piece (kids fed and not a mess), I then have to pretend that I am really happy to be wherever the hell I am supposed to be!! :) It's sort of all BS! Last night at I.s swim class, K. was throwing this gigantic tantrum, (i.e. trying to jump in the pool and of course not listening to a damn word I had to say), and I felt like I was the mom from hell, wrestling with her to stay out of the pool, while all the other moms were gorgeous, hair all in place, smiling and watching me!!! :) Sorry, just had to vent! Off to pretend things are easy! :)
October 29 at 10:47am ·

Come on you guys, you love it and you know it. ( I'm Charlotte's mom)
October 29 at 11:13am ·

14 year old still going trick or treating...he dressed up like a girl for years and pulled it off pretty good but now that he cut his hair....
October 29 at 12:02pm ·

Wait, we have to smile too???

Charlotte (me again)
I am stressing already and nothing starts until tomorrow. I just have to use babysitter time today to prepare for tomorrow's parade, party and baseball class. Also go to Dr.'s appt. bank, pay bills, pick up Mike from school, Target and throw a costume together for Jake that looks like his mother cares about him, even though he doesn't know Halloween from his elbow. And Jake just did something destructive but very impressive to one of our baby gates instead of napping. Tomorrow morning I get to dress them up for Halloween all super cute and fluffy get them to Mike's class party and convince Bekah that's better than going to her party because i can't be in 2 places at once and drag my insane 2 yr. old along who is already giving me chronic shoulder pain because he weighs more than that balloon boy kid who is 6 yrs. old and he constantly wants to run away. Do parade with kids' school, come home and try to feed them lunch and do nap and then baseball class which I hope Mike will behave at and Bekah and Jake will not want to join. I can fake smile through anything but I will be sweaty and have frizzy hair and I refuse to suck in my stomach. Mom it's time to start the Aricept. Love,Charlotte

Just kidding about the Aricept mom, I don't' want you to google that and get mad at me.
October 29 at 1:05pm ·

And if I don't' go get my eyebrows waxed soon people are going to start confusing me with my husband. Ok seriously now I am going to do filing because I am sure Jimmy Hoffa is buried under a pile of bills on my desk.
October 29 at 1:10pm ·

Before I had kids I thought all the holiday stuff would be a blast. Now I realize exactly how hard it is and that it is a lot of work. It is not about me having fun, it is about the kids having fun, which is right, but kind of sad - especially since I doubt they are going to remember any of it. I always wanted to be a fun mom, but it is hard to be a fun mom when there is so much work that has to get done and you are the only one doing it. I guess you just have to do the best you can and write off the rest. Otherwise, it will make you crazy. :-)
October 29 at 3:28pm ·

I am less stressed now. I got a lot done today and Sarah helped me with creative ideas. Thank G-d for somebody younger with more energy. This was all sooo much fun when you were a kid, it's BECAUSE YOUR MOMMA DID IT ALL! Now for a walk and pumpkin carving.
October 29 at 3:41pm ·

I use to love dressing up for Halloween...but with kids, I forget about me and now tomorrow people expect us, teachers, to wear costumes...I don't have one! Where did the days go?
October 29 at 6:09pm ·

I hit a nerve didn't I?

We make it to the parties in time and the kids were adorable. I brought cheese and crackers to Mike's party and then Bekah wanted to go to her party with her peers. So I did end up dragging Jake back and forth between the 2 classrooms and just kept him in his stroller for basically 2 hours.

The parade of 2-5 year old's march to the city hall and the employees and police pass out candy and even the new mayor came out to greet the kids. Some asshole gave the kids whistles though!!! Who does that? I quickly confiscated those.

Halloween day dawns and Jake has a fever. So I stayed home with him while the kids hung out with Erik all day and then went to Auntie M.'s for pizza and trick and treating. Mike started to whine that he was tired before the third house, sure enough he woke up sick on Sunday.

Now it's Monday. Mike has a fever, Jake is healthy ,and surly, and so far (knock on wood) Bekah is healthy. It's 80 degrees today and I am watching Scooby Doo. I want to go to the park!

Below is Bekah as Dorothy and Michael as Optimus Prime. And Chester, Auntie M's dog, as Yoda.

Here's to Thanksgiving!