Tuesday, November 10, 2009

The Bone in The Burbs

This is for my local N.E.O.s 107.7 The Bone were out here in the burbs this morning. I heard about it on the radio as I took my oldest to his kindergarten class. It's Ta-Ta-Tuesday which means women flash their tits. I always thought that was a joke so I just cruised on over there for a free bumpersticker. I had my 2 and 3 year old with me, and as we turned into the parking lot of our local In & Out Burger I saw The Bone van surrounded by a group of men. I have never seen that many construction workers in one place outside of a family reunion.

Difference between this and a family reunion was these guys were expecting to see my boobs. Uh, no. Too early, too sober and I had my kids with me. As I walked up to this group sure enough a lady flashed her Ta-Tas. If you want to know they were real, and perky. My monkeys didn't see anything though, they were focused on the free candy. And I did announce as I walked up that, " I am not flashing you guys this morning, I am just getting a bumper sticker.". That got a good laugh.

The guy behind the table also gave me a poster, which my daughter suggested we put on our garage door. But I am pretty sure my home owner's association would have something to say about that. I told her we could hang it inside of the garage. I am proud of my local rock station, this whole Ta-Ta-Tuesday gimmick is not just about seeing tits for free on a weekday morning. They actually have teamed up with the Breast Cancer Fund. I didn't know this until I got home and looked at their website. I would have left a few bucks after taking my bumper sticker.

Now that you know about their good work, don't hesitate to stop by The Bone van next time they are in your neighborhood on Ta-Ta-Tuesday. You can leave a donation for breast cancer research, see some titties, or flash your's and still make it to work on time.


Jamie Watson said...

Boobies are cool.

Mickie said...

Did Ta-Ta Tuesdays replace Whip Em Out Wednesdays? I seem to remember that one instead of Tuesdays. Funny - either way, and I say go for it! Put the poster on your garage door! With dead animals and vultures in your back yard, and a BONE poster on your garage door no one will ever guess that your husband is a doctor - they'll skip your house when deciding whose house to rob. ;-)

Charlotte said...

Hey that's a good idea for crime deterrent!