Monday, March 9, 2009

American Idol

So I was reading this chick's blog and she had a post about American Idol and I totally abused the comment section to comment on her post. So I copied it and put it on my blog.

Charlotte has left a new comment on the post "American Idol live blog!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!":

Ok I ended up on your blog because of your comment on Adam Lambert on Droll girl's blog. I was shocked because I thought he was here to ruin my life not yours. His pegged pants make me want to cry and don't get me started on the hair and makeup.

I need to comment on your American Idol live feed but I have severe concentration problems (3 beers) so I actually had to open your blog in two different tabs. Now I can read it and comment. I don't know you so I don't know why I am explaining this to you. (3 beers)

Is Alex the guy that looks like he is 12?

Ok look straight people should not sing Abba or Tracy Chapman. Where I live, S.F. Bay Area, you could get strung up for that shit.

During commercials Paula runs a blow dryer over her Oxycontin patch. It's so pretty how the lights shine in her glassy eyes. You ever notice towards the end of the show when she blinks she has a hell of a time opening her eyes again. I really want some of that, whatever it is.

I don't care how gay you are, men should not wear headbands. His grandma needs 2 seats but G-d bless her.

Felicia and Lil Rounds were the best of the night I thought. Seriously.

I agree that if you are blind people should not let you look like an asshole. I have curly hair like him, he needs some Bumble and Bumble Curl Conscious Creme. I was really angry that they didn't make him dance! Did you notice that? When they did that whole group song at the beginning (which always sucks, thank G-d for Tivo) they were sitting, so as not to have to make him dance. Give the guy a chance at least! And I won't lie, it would be as entertaining as hell.

That chick whose dad did an alligator dance..........he needs to be on the show or I at least want to party with him.

Jorge has one eyebrow.

I apologize for abusing your comment section but I haven't had a chance to talk shit about American Idol all week with anyone. Thanks for the release.


Barbara said...

LOL I am not watching this season but reading this makes me wish that I was. :-)

Charlotte said...

You really aren't missing much.