Tuesday, March 31, 2009

I Have Not Given Up On My Blog

I swear I am not giving up, I have just had a week where I am preoccupied with other stuff.

I realize I have not posted my less than 30 minute recipe yet and really nothing else.

I have had this stupid, annoying rash around my mouth for 6 weeks now and nothing is making it go away. Then Sat. night, out of nowhere a couple of spots on my chest started bleeding. Freaked my shit out. I was sitting there checking email, I felt a tickle on my chest and came away with a handful of blood. WTF?!

It happened again last night, and this morning, so I finally made an appt. with a dermatologist.

They were able to squeeze me in this afternoon. I was able to farm out Mike to Auntie M. but I had to take Jake and Bekah to the appt.

But first this morning, I took all 3 kids to Jake's 2 year wellness check. It's confirmed, he is a tank. 75% height and 95% weight, he is built like a fireplug with a bowling ball for a head. My pediatrician started making noises like Jake should see a speech therapist. I rolled my eyes. My daughter started talking at 9 months old and hasn't stopped, but my boys don't start talking until after the age of 2. They are bright boys, but still more braun than brains at this point, and I am not sweating it at all!

I compromised, a follow-up in 3 months. I love my pediatrician, but he is way more academically focused than I am, so I take some of his advice with a grain of salt.

Before we left Jake had to get 1 vaccination and a T.B. test. Me and the nurse got Jake restrained as best we could to give him his injections. What amused me was that Mike was huddled in the corner shaking, while Bekah watched the entire process. I guess we can add one more doctor to the bunch.

After we did lunch, and some quiet time, Auntie M. picked up Mike and I roused Jake from his nap early and took him and his sister to my dermatology appointment

A brand new office in Danville. Everything freshly painted white. With brand new, gleaming equipment, glass table tops and potted plants. Ugh. Jake was not allowed out of the stroller and I had to keep picking up Bekah's dropped apple bits, pretzel crumbs and string cheese globs. She eats 24/7!

My diagnosis was....... no idea. I was prescribed 2 different creams and told to come back if it doesn't get better. She was nice, polite, absolutely beautiful, but not super helpful. My husband wants me to get a biopsy, I am not ready to go there yet. I am sure they are just zits.

I dropped off the scrips at my pharmacy and went back home. It was a stunning day so I filled our water table from the hose, and let Bekah and Jake get wet and wild, while I checked email on my laptop in a corner of my garden.

Auntie M. came over later with some alcohol, my monkey, and her 2 monkeys and we hung out a little. The pharmacy called me and said that one of the scrips was not approved by my insurance and was going to cost me $279! Uh, no. She was smart to call me first. Sigh, I will have to take care of that in the morning.

Shortly after that phone call, Jake slipped through the hole he tore in our screen door and dropped our cordless phone in the water table. If you wanna call us, try our cell phones first.


Barbara said...

Wow Charlotte, strange about the skin stuff. Bodies can be so weird sometimes! Funny about Jake being a tank, that is a pretty accurate description. :-) You have to add me to your e-mail auto send thing- I seem to need the reminder lately and you post great stuff.

Charlotte said...

Hey Barb thanks for reminding me to figure out how to do that auto-email thingy. This skin stuff is driving me batty!