Wednesday, March 11, 2009

More American Idol Critique

This is basically my American Idol comments left on another blog, copied and then pasted onto my own blog. This chick is really funny and does a live AI commentary.

You got me hooked. So here I am again. It's Tuesday night so I am a tad bit more sober than I would be on a Friday night. But when it comes to AI I believe me and you share a brain.

Michael that king of pop or pedophiles. He's 50 years old now you know.

So do I love Anoop because I grew up in the bay area with lots of Indians? He can shit on stage and it would make me smile. Anoop Dog. My first born's teacher is old school and when she talks about Native Americans (like at Thanksgiving) she knows she is supposed to call them that but she gets confused so she says Native American Indians.

Honestly I was kind of into the junk in your trunk look on Lil Rounds. I have a theory; she is a mother of 3 and I am a mother of 3, so I think she is wearing white pants on the show because she knows damn well that if she wore white pants at home somebody is going to wipe boogers on them.

Paula is even more loaded than usual.

LOL, P.Y.T. is one of my fave songs too (by Michael Jackson). The last part of the song was better than the first too. He's good but Jesus Freaks turn me off too.

Roughneck dude is just what this country needs in these hard economic times. Total propaganda. Cute kids though.

Jasmine may be a tranny but her eyelashes alone are more feminine than my whole body.

That marriage ain't going to last. That Kris Allen guy is going to fuck the first groupie to come on to him.

My husband almost shit his pants laughing that she sang at a Mexican Ikea. I will have to say she is my fave though. I love her "smoky" voice.

Hey Chica, I think they scrambled West coast/East coast singers because I got Anoop Dog earlier in the mix.

Jorge still has one eyebrow it's just thinner.

Rockin Robin.......seriously? WTF is she thinking? She is cute as the dickens but tonight she sucked dick.

Did I not tell you that Paula runs a blow dryer over her Oxycontin patch during the commercials?

I am not sure if you or me hate Adam more? I believe you are right, he is a cockroach and he is going to hang out way longer than he should.

I love Matt too!! The scarf can be too Yasir Arafat for me but I like him.

Alexis did awesome!!!! Her little shorts jumper was so Blondie circa 1978, very cute. Very naughty song and her daughter was super cute too.Why are they changing the rules? I am not smart enough to keep up with this.

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