Saturday, March 7, 2009

Last Night

Jeez I was such a grump last night. Sorry about that. I drank a bunch of Diet Coke at dinner and then was wired and grumpy because I couldn't sleep. I would usually drink beer with dinner on a Friday night but we took the kids to temple and I volunteered to drive so I chose soda. And just for the record I prefer Diet Pepsi if I am forced to drink a non-alcoholic drink.

Temple was cute last night and my children weren't the worst behaved. It was a kid centered service or else I wouldn't have bothered bringing a 2, 3 and 4 year old. It's nice too that my Aunt-In-Law is one of the Rabbis. So she would be my kids' Great-Aunt even though she looks way too young to be a Great-Aunt. I always think of one of my Great-Aunts with beehive hair and a Virginia Slims hanging off her lips. But my kids' Great-Aunt was one of the first female Rabbis in the United States and is cute and hip too.

After the service there was root beer floats, cookies, fruit, dancing, games, arts and crafts...............for my kids this is the equivalent of me and my husband being let loose in Las Vegas with money to burn. Mike, Bekah and Jake were having a blast but Erik and I were a little anxious. They kept running off and we kept losing them. I hate that. It's safer to lose them at Temple than at the mall but what if they slipped out a door and into the parking lot? That freaks me out. Thankfully I dress my kids in white, orange and yellow so I can find them fast. I actually hate the colors orange and yellow but my kids have olive skin so it looks good on them and I can find them quickly in a crowd.

It was really cute watching Bekah and Jake dance. And Mike makes new friends so easily, that makes me so proud of him.

I was going to hit the gym this morning but yesterday after I got my Fu Manchu waxed off, I let Jake sleep on top of me for 2 hours. And Bekah snoozed on me for half of those 2 hours. I could have moved them to their beds but it was so warm and cuddly. My point is that my house cleaning suffered greatly as I sat on the couch for 2 hours with 2 toddlers. I gotta bust a move in here because Mike has a birthday party at SuperFranks and then my hot husband and I have a couple's night out with my new and improved mom's club. We are going to Bing's and I can't wait!!!!!!!

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