Wednesday, March 18, 2009

American Idol

Newsflash on why Adam Lambert wears so much orange make-up....he is ashamed of his freckles. I was perusing a People mag and he was a cute kid with freckles and now he cakes on the make-up and dyes his hair black. What an idiot.

I don't like country but I don't hate it. Dolly, Loretta Young, Johnny Cash, etc. now that's decent country.

Randy Travis looks like the Planter's Peanut Guy.

I am proud of Lil for giving it a go, because she was obvioulsy out of her element.

Randy Travis was quite obviously uncomfortable with Adam's flamboyance. And too bad AI is such a family show because Adam looks like he would be quite at home in assless chaps. I hope after this painfully hideous version of Ring Of Fire that Johnny Cash does a zombie move, rises from his grave, and sucks Adam's brains out.

Adam is sooo not NIN, what is Randy thinking?

Wow blind guy almost put me to sleep that was hellaciously boring. I like it when Randy and Simon give each other looks behind Paula's back. You know they talk shit about how many pills she pops before each show.

I thought single mom did an awesome job singing Jolene! That is a great song. Dolly is a much better song writer than singer.

That Danny guy should not have sang Carrie Underwood. He always picks overly dramatic songs.

I am definitely watching the Daisy Rock of Love show they had a preview for it on last night. That is my kind of t.v.

I love Anoop, he sang that better than Willie.

So why does that chick with the sleeve tattoo always put her hand on her hip? It makes her look like she is going to start singing, "I'm a little teapot.". She is super cute but she needs to branch out some more and I love how she was coughing for pity.

AI is starting to pick up a little this week. Let's see who they shitcan tonight.

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