Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Recession Proof Jobs

Being a doctor is not a recession proof job. That's what my husband does for a living and people always get sick right? True, but when they lose their jobs they lose their health insurance. And if people don't have health insurance they don't go see their family practice physician. They wait until they are really, really sick and then they go to the emergency room.

Usually at this time of year people are starting to suffer from seasonal allergies and our business is booming. Not this year. I took the boys to see daddy at his office this morning and it was empty. Just my husband and his 2 staff and the overhead meter is ticking away. This was 10:30 in the morning. Have you ever seen a doctor's office that was empty at 10:30 in the morning? There was a fucking tumbleweed blowing down the hallway.

Now when I use my credit card I get a hot, prickly feeling in my armpits. You know that feeling? It's the one you get right before you break into a cold sweat.

We are now upside down with our mortgage. A few months ago I would have been ashamed to admit that, but now it's downright trendy.

And today I heard of another friend losing a job! Dude! This isn't good.

Yesterday I was watching MSNBC while folding the never ending pile of laundry and the anchorwoman was interviewing a man from the Sacramento Tent City. I am sure you have heard of this, either from Oprah or some other news source. So they trotted this guy out for an interview, and he wasn't your random drug addicted homeless guy. This was a man laid-off from a construction job who is now living in a tent and using public transportation to look for work. A decent respectable guy who looks like one of my Uncles. And this is the part that killed me, the anchorwoman, after cutting him off in mid-sentence said, "Well the stock market is up today.". WTF?! This poor guy is living in a tent by the river and probably shitting in a bucket and you tell him about the stock market?! Un-fucking-believable. This gentleman just politely chuckled.

Ok here is the cherry on husband just got home from work at 3:15 in the afternoon and said he saw, drumroll please,....... 3 patients today. One patient in the office and 2 of his elderly patients in their nursing home. Last year he was seeing 25 or more patients a day.

My poor husband slumped in here and asked if he could go upstairs lay down. Of course!! If my kids weren't awake right now I would go up there and give him a beer and a blowjob.

Hmmmm blowjobs............sounds like a new career for me.


Mama Ashley said...

Lol at the end! You always crack me up some how no matter how serious or depressing the subject!

Charlotte said...

Mama Ashley,
My husband still has a job, I got an (overpriced) roof over my head and healthy kids. When I realize that I am whining it's time to pick myself up by my flip-flop straps and tell a blow-job joke. Or a poop, fart, boobies etc. joke. Those are my favorite.

Barbara said...

Damn, the downside of having your own business, huh? I too loved the ending, Mama Ashley nailed one of your best writing skills- the light-hearted funny hook at the end.
Hope that business picks up soon, for all of us.

Charlotte said...

Ahmen sister!