Thursday, March 12, 2009

Measure C- Super Important For My Local Readers

Hey everyone who is local really needs to read below. And make sure you are registered to vote. A friend sent this to me this morning and her husband got a pink slip yesterday. He is a teacher. My friend is also pregnant and only works part-time herself as a teacher, so you can imagine their anxiety. Please pass it on to anyone you know that lives in the district:

"For those who don’t know, almost 200 FTE (full time equivalent) teachers in the San Ramon Valley School District were given preliminary pink slips this week, including my husband. At this point, nearly all science specialists are being cut at the elementary level. He may be high enough to “bump” a middle or high school teacher, but at this point we don’t know. The elementary schools seems to be getting hit disproportionally high in my opinion. My school has at least 9 people I know of that got pink slips either last week or today. I have heard that Gale Ranch Middle School (which opened this year) only has 3 people who aren’t getting them because their staff is so new. I would bet Live Oak is in the same position.

We have to get this passed. . . . . .

You can sign up on the website to get updates, volunteer, get a yard sign, etc.

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Yes on C Supporter Update - March 11, 2009~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~

Please take a moment to invite your friends and other supporters by forwarding this message and asking them to join the Measure C supporter email list by clicking on the blue button below. With each passing week, we feel the excitement building. People are talking about this campaign. They want to know how we are doing. They want to know what they can do to help. The answers are simple... "We are doing great!" and "The best way to help is to volunteer for phone banks, volunteer to walk precincts, or volunteer in the office." As a matter of fact, we are doing so well that we have already identified over 7,800 yes votes in the first 8 nights of phone banks. That is simply amazing! Congratulations to all of those who have made calls. Your hard work is paying off.

Precinct Walks: Our first precinct walk is coming up the weekend of March 28 and 29. Volunteers will gather at each of the 4 comprehensive high schools for rallies at 9:30 Saturday morning to get "fired up" and pick up packets.

Campaign buttons are on the way. They have been ordered and we expect delivery by next week. Buttons are a terrific way to don your support for this measure. We'll let you know next week how and where to get one.

Yard signs are coming soon. They are going to be terrific. If you wish to have a yard sign in your yard, please let us know by clicking the Update Profile link in the footer to this message and select "Display a yard sign" as one of your interests. The sooner you do this the better! When others join the list, they may do the same. We especially want signs in highly visible yards and those near school sites. We expect to deliver signs in a little over 2 weeks or have them available for pick up. Volunteers will be needed to help assemble the signs as well as deliver them. More on that next week.

Every vote and every dollar counts! A full campaign budget is essential to passing Measure C - and we need your help. Donations of any amount, big or small, can be made by visiting our website. The direct link to the donate page is http://www.srvprote ctourschools. net/donate. asp. We know that times are hard. We would be very grateful for any and all that you can afford to give. Remember our simple message: Measure C provides a stable, local funding source for our schools. These funds will:
Retain qualified and experienced teachers
Prepare students for college and careers in a global economy
Maintain strong math, science and literacy programs

It will take all of us working together to pass this vital funding measure. Thank you for your support!

Help Spread the Word...
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Measure C website: www.SRVProtectOurSc
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Thanks Everyone, Charlotte!!

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