Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Weekly < 30 minute Recipe #14

So last year I started reading this blog that had a brand new crock-pot recipe everyday! And I thought, "Hey I can do something like that but every day is too much so I will post one recipe a week. And I will have pictures too!". Uh, no. Once again I am behind so I owe you 2 recipes this week. I did get around to posting a pic of chocolate covered strawberries though if you want to check that out.

Let me tell you that food photography is almost as hard as taking pictures of children. I would take a picture and look at it and think, "Ewww look at that stain on my counter.". So I would wipe that up and take another picture, "Oh shit I left that knife laying in the background.". So I put the knife in the sink and take another picture, "Uh, if somebody showed me this picture it would not make me hungry.". So I try a different angle, etc. etc.

Anyways, my awesome friend Barb sent me a list of grilling recipes that I typed up and emailed a year ago! And forgot about! So now I can plagiarize myself and just figure out the Weight Watchers points.

So this is what I do all summer. I marinate some meat during nap time (or not) and then after nap time I drink beer (or iced tea) while monkeys play in the yard with the hose and then I grill meat while supervising them. Then I cut the meat in slices and serve over lettuce. Simple. Kids get to play, I get to cook, husband gets to eat, it's a win-win.

Grilled Mediterranean Chicken

Work with me on this one. It requires mixing salsa and spaghetti sauce, I know that sounds weird but I am not asking you to add raisins or anything so just trust me.

1/2 cup salsa, ( I am using Ortega thick and chunky salsa to obtain points, but most salsas are the same)
1/2 cup jarred spaghetti sauce ( I am using Bertolli Marinara because it does not give me garlic burps, a 1/2 cup is 2 points and not all jar sauces are the same so check your label)
4 palm size chick breasts
desired amount of lettuce

Mix salsa and spaghetti sauce in bowl scoop out a 1/2 cup of mixed sauces and reserve for later. Pour other 1/2 cup over breasts and turn to coat, you can marinate for 2 hours or not. Set aside and pre-heat grill to med-high (work fast to make this under 30 minutes). Grill each breast 3-5 minutes per side.(discard marinade so you don't die) Slice on the grain and serve over desired lettuce with remaining sauce. You can have sauce chilled, room temp., or warmed up. If you have time add chopped Basil leaves and lemon slices on side.

Ooops I published this without points, so here we go again. 1 serving of breast with sauce on top of lettuce is 4 points!! That's really low. You can have some wine, beer or even pasta or rice.

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