Saturday, April 25, 2009

California Academy of Sciences

While my brother Bill was visiting last week we took a field trip the California Academy of Sciences.

We had a blast but we didn't see the whole museum because it's sooo big and there is no way my kids' would have lasted. But it was ok because kids aged 6 and under are free. This is Jake running around the living roof with a Fig Newton.

Here is a better picture of the living roof.

Here is a not very flattering picture of my Dad and Step-mom, it was windy up there.

San Francisco is one of the most beautiful cities in the world even if it's foggy all of the time.

Pretty blue butterfly. There is a rainforest section that gives you really frizzy hair.

Giant brown and yellow butterfly. Bekah talked to all of the butterflies she encountered.

Underneath the aquarium.

Rare White Alligator, this is what my nightmares are made of, especially if he hisses.

Thanks mom we love field trips!

See what the rainforest did to Bekah's hair?

Jake passed out almost before we left the parking garage, he was exhausted.


KLo said...

All right, you might have convinced me that I definitely must visit San Francisco (I have serious flight anxiety ... it has put more and more of a crimp in my life as I've gotten older, and I'm almost--well, kind of almost--ready to face it). Thank you : )

We had a great day today, too. Check out narrated pictures from a day at a New Hampshire State Park here :)

Charlotte said...

Honestly I can't blame you for the flight anxiety, I don't hold that against you. But you know Belle would love it.

KLo said...

Oh, Belle would be in her glory, no doubt about it : )

Pop Champagne said...

oh white gator crazy!! Btw your new header pic is way too cute ;)

Charlotte said...

Thanks Pop C., that's my Jake finger-painting with chocolate pudding. Not so bad but if you look real close you can see some cheese in there too, yuck!