Saturday, April 11, 2009

An Arrest in the Sandra Cantu Case

Just in case you don't live in the bay area, I will give you a quick update. 2 weeks ago an 8 year old girl, Sandra Cantu, went missing. This last Monday, April 6th, they found her small body packed into a suitcase that was at the bottom of an irrigation pond.

And last night, Friday April 10th, the Tracy police made an arrest. Of course we all assumed it was going to be another evil male child molester. A woman was arrested. The mother of Sandra's best friend. Her name is Melissa Huckaby and she reported that coffin of a suitcase stolen on the same day that Sandra went missing. It's her suitcase.

Melissa Huckaby lived in that same trailer park and was a Sunday school teacher. I have never believed that just because you call yourself a Christian doesn't mean you are a good person, but most Sunday school teachers are not murderers! I am dying to know the details of this story.

And this excerpt below really gets my imagination flowing:

"The Tracy Press also reported that Huckaby was released Thursday from Sutter Tracy Community Hospital, where she spent several days in intensive care for what she described as "internal bleeding." Huckaby declined to elaborate to the newspaper."

Internal bleeding from what? Did Sandra Cantu make a valiant effort to defend herself and inflict wounds upon this woman? Was there an accident, household or automobile, that Sandra did not survive, but Melissa was injured from? And Melissa Huckaby decided to get rid of Sandra instead of taking responsibility for an accident? Did Melissa Huckaby suffer a miscarriage and take out her grief on somebody else's child? Ok that one is a stretch, I told you I have an active imagination.

Of course there is no valid motive for murdering a little girl. This woman is sick and possibly evil, but we won't know until more details are released. It's just so sad, so very, very sad.


Mama Ashley said...

OMG I am right there with you, I want to know WTF happened to that little girl! Por baby!

Charlotte said...

This story is revolting but I have to admit, intriguing as well.

Sarah said...

Huckaby's friends and relatives have been quoted saying this was out of character and surprising behavior from her. Well no shit; if it was typical behavior I kind of doubt you would have been friends with her.

Such a sad story all around. I can't begin to imagine the pain Sandra's family is feeling right now, nor can I imagine what life will be like for Melissa Huckaby's child growing up knowing her mom killed her best friend.

jennifer from pittsburgh said...

We often read about the guy that 'snaps' and kills a bunch of people, or just his whole family. The thing is, we expect a clearer reason for a woman freaking out and killing. Everyone know who Andrea Yates is, but no one even remembers the name of the guy who killed his five kids in Washington last week.
So, if a woman kills at all, we want answers, insight, and there might not be any. At least not right away. Gotta get a psych profile and do some comparative stuff. and then float new theories to see what pans out.
Depressing, really.

Charlotte said...

That out of character comment smacks of mental illness to me and Sandra Cantu has a sibling too, how horrible! And now it looks like they may be charging Melissa Huckaby with molestation as well, this is really bad.

Jennifer, I used to work in a psych hospital and the most disturbing patient I ever had was suffering from post partum psychosis. Scarier than the most violent male patient. Maybe that is a form of sexism, I don't know, but yes we do expect, mothers, women to not lash out as violently as this woman did.