Thursday, April 9, 2009


Freedom! That's what Passover is all about. Thank you for clarifying that Aretha.

If you are confused, this is how Jewish holidays go: they tried to kill us, we won, let's eat.

Last night we had Seder at my Aunt-in-law's house but I didn't get to eat much because I was on monkey patrol. So tonight I made a meal for me and my man. Horseradish crusted crossrib roast, matzoh ball soup, haroset (the best ever), matzah crackers with broccoli dip and champagne. I had the makings for chocolate covered straberries but I got lazy.
I will eat that for breakfast.


drollgirl said...


hope you have a great weekend!

my boss is jewish and we are always exchanging, SO WHAT DO YOU DO ON THIS HOLIDAY tips. it cracks me up, especially when he asks stuff like SO WHAT IS THE BUNNY ALL ABOUT? hahahahahah

Charlotte said...

I converted to Judaism before getting married. The only holiday I miss is Easter, it's so cute.
Happy Easter!