Saturday, April 25, 2009

My Brother Bill's Visit, The Details

Because I know you can't sleep at night until you know how the visit with my brother went. Bill just got back from Iraq and drove up here from San Diego with his beautiful wife Ari.

My oldest, Michael, loves Uncle Bill, but Bekah is all about Aunt Ari.

That's the living roof at The California Academy of Sciences. We had a field trip there last Thursday. My Dad and awesome step-mom came along as well. My poor husband had to work though. That's what happens when you own your own business. We did see the guy who gave my husband a vasectomy, his wife, and all 4 of their kids. That's what happens when you are an urologist and your wife is a dentist. You get to take all 4 of your kids to the a museum on a Thursday. I am not bitter, I just wish my husband could have been there.

Aunt Ari loves me even if I take off my pants and scratch my mother's face hard enough to draw blood.

Jake gets jealous if I show attention to anyone but him. Did I mention that he scratched my face hard enough to draw blood? Little a-hole. We were having lunch at the museum and he decided to throw a classic 2 year old tantrum. Don't worry my tetanus is up to date.

Bill asked Michael to help carry his back-pack out to his car. Michael said, "No, because that means you will be leaving faster.". When Bill and Ari drove away Michael turned to me and said, "I'm sad.". I hugged him and said, " I am too.".

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