Monday, February 9, 2009

Weekly < 30 Minutes Recipe #5

Everything is better with bacon.

Bacon, Corn, and Clam Chowder

Campbell's 98% Fat Free New England Clam Chower (not condensed) 1 can
1 8.75 oz. (or the closest size you can find) can of corn with diced red pepper, do not drain
2 slices bacon (freeze the rest of the package so you aren't tempted to eat it all)

Fry up your bacon and drain on paper towel. Drain grease from pan but don't wipe it down, a little bacon flavor won't kill ya. Open cans, dump into bacon pan on medium heat. Dice your crispy bacon and add to soup. You can simmer it for a few minutes or just eat it. Serves 2.

1 cup of this soup is 4 points. 5 saltine crackers are only 1 point so go nuts.

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