Thursday, February 19, 2009

I figured out that linky thing!!

Holy Shit!! OMG!! I figured out something technically hard all by myself!! And it was soooo not hard, but my lack of technical savvy made me fearful of even trying to learn. So after a couple of beers and some severe concentration (which the beer didn't help) I figured it out!!

So if you haven't already guessed what it is that I taught myself, I will tell you; I learned how to do that link thing. You know where you just turn one word into a link for a whole other website. I have just always thought that was such a neat trick and now I know how to do it! Pretty good for a chick that only has a high school degree.

This is my hobby so this would be like somebody learning how to crochet a special kind of stitch or something. Or learning how to make a souffle if you cook as a hobby.

Ok onto another topic. I need to talk about that Nadya Suleman chick again. You know the octuplet mom? The house she is living in with her 6 kids is owned by her mother but will be up for auction in May because it's being foreclosed. Nadya was also in Nordstrom's buying M.A.C. lipgloss today. She is not a N.E.O. Mom.

My husband had a late meeting tonight and I did bath and bedtime by myself. Made more fun by my 4 year old screaming, "I want daddy, I want daddy!". Dude I want daddy too! I didn't say that, I somehow remained calm. My point is that bathing 3 kids at the same time without accidentally drowning them, getting them all in their p.j.s, brushing their teeth, combing their hair and then reading stories and then kissing them good night and then getting them cups of water. You get where I am going right? How the hell can this chick do this with 8 infants? She has 14 kids all under the age of 8 years old. Which means the majority of her kids cannot feed, bathe or dress themselves. I think I am going to go donate some money on her website so she can get herself a nanny.


Ariel said...

I love you Char! It has been a few since I have visited your blog. I need to do it more often. Miss you, love you!! Ari

Charlotte said...

Hi Ari!! Yes I have done some changes! I miss you too and I got your email about Bill. I am so glad he is coming home soon and I can't wait for your wedding.
Miss you, love you Too!