Thursday, February 5, 2009

More Blogging Nerdiness

I was reading my horoscope in the S.F. Chronicle pink pages from Sunday and it actually mentioned blogging!

"Sagittarius (Nov.21-Dec. 20) Who knows you may become the world's best loved - no. Best hated? No, again. Let's settle for best-read blogger. As 2009 progresses, Jupiter acts as an executive secretary, adding zip and zest to your communications. You're already a top contender. Now take a shot at the title. In other news: Mars adds muscle to your bustle. No, it's not too late for resolutions."

All Sagittarians who don't blog were probably annoyed with that horoscope, but I am stoked. I realize that blogging is just a hobby, and I am not going to get rich off doing it. Even though that's my husband's fantasy, I am more realistic about it. So hobbyists still set goals even though it's just a hobby right? Scrapbookers make a goal to finish the Christmas album from 1998, a cook will set a goal to learn how to make Sushi, some moms make it a goal to talk as much shit as they possibly can about other moms to make themselves look better, etc. etc.

I have goals for my blog stored in my polluted brain but now I want to put them out to the universe:

Goal #1 Six months from now I want 10 followers for each one of my blogs.

Goal #2 By Jan. 2010 I want an average of 100 hits/readers to NEO Moms everyday. I now average 15 for NEO Moms and about 25 for You Sure Do Have Your Hands Full. I know this can be done because when I blew up my old moms club I was averaging 60 hits a day. I do not want to go through an experience like that again, I want people coming here for positive reasons. Most of those hits were from scabpickers who would read my blog and then call each other on the phone and be like, "Oh my G-d , you won't believe what that bitch is saying now! She is a horrible mother and her kids are going to grow up to be crack-heads.".

Goal #3 Be more tech savvy. I want to learn how to do that thing where you put a link in the middle of a sentence. I don't even know what is called. For example in the sentence above it would be fantastic if crack-head was a link and if you clicked it a picture of Whitney Houston would pop up. How cool would that be?

Help me achieve my dreams.

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