Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Follow-Up to Mom of 14

Ok so I watched that interview with Nadya Suleman on Dateline. She is the mother of the longest surviving octuplets and mother to a total of 14 kids.

The interview is as disturbing as I thought it was going to be. She is clearly a little nutsy cuckoo. Maybe not completely nuts because she is able to hold down a job, complete a degree and attempt a graduate degree and apply for student loans. She currently doesn't have a job though and all the loan money is gone. So she is using food stamps to support her kids but $490 a month is not enough to feed 14 kids. I have 3 kids and our grocery bills are $150.-$250. a week. And I use coupons and with the exception of beer, and that we do eat meat, the rest of our groceries are not expensive convenience or gourmet foods. So she is going to need to get a good job or live off the public teat.

Another thing I found disturbing is her comparison to Angelina Jolie. I had read about that but I thought it was silly until I actually saw her interview. Holy Crap! She has had lip work done quite similar to Angelina's and even kind of talks like her. Nadya Suleman denies she has had cosmetic work done, but she is lying. Dateline showed old pics of her and it's fairly obvious. If she hasn't had work done then neither has Michael Jackson.

Those babies are so damn beautiful, I really hope the absolute best for them.

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