Monday, February 9, 2009

Oy Octuplets

As a mommy blogger I would be remiss in my duties if I did not discuss this woman who had 8 babies. Do I really need to give you history on this? I am sure you are practically sick of hearing about it now that the octuplets are 2 weeks old. But just in case you have been living in a cave.

Nadya Suleman, age 33 already has 6 children all conceived by I.V.F. using sperm from an ex-boyfriend who has never met the kids. She used 6 more of her frozen embryos and had them implanted to have "...just one more child.". Well that didn't happen, all 6 embryos survived and 2 of them split into twins givng her 8 babies. All of this adds up to 14 children. All of them under the age of 8 years old. Nadya also lives with her parents in a 3 bedroom home, is single and is unemployed.

Shocking isn't it? Now I know that I have stated before that I don't care what other mothers do as long as it doesn't harm their children. I try my hardest not to be judgemental of other parent's choices. But having 14 kids under the age of 8 years old in a 3 bedroom house while you are unemployed and don't have a partner to help you is harmful!! How can she possibly give each one of them the attention they need and deserve. She can't.

At one time in my life, not too long ago, I had 3 kids all under the age of 3 years old and all in diapers. That was a one-way ticket to the funny farm. And I ain't talking funny ha ha, I am talking funny in the head, drooling in a corner. I had a husband, a nanny, friends, family and a mom's club to support me and it was still not one of the shining moments in my life. It was really hard. Nadya Suleman is single, and has no job, and her mother called her daughter's decision, ".....unconscionable.". If she successfully pulls this off then she is a far better mother than I am.

This same mother of 14 has also been quoted that she is going to breastfeed the octuplets. How? I nursed my youngest and he took his time eating and the other 2 were neglected. I can't do everything one-handed, and they are either watching too much t.v. while I was nursing their brother, or they were getting into trouble. To nurse 8 babies is logistically impossible.

The link I included below takes you to the interview of Nadya Suleman that will air on Dateline on Tuesday night. I have already read some of the interview and she talks about the desire to have a big family because she was an only child and her family was dysfunctional. I was listening to my favorite talk show guy Ronn Owens on KGO this morning and more than a handful of people were saying she did it to make money. I really don't care why she did it, and I do want her to make money. She needs cash to feed all of those mouths. As much as I disrespect her choices, I will buy her books, or watch her shows, because I don't want all those kids to go hungry, but I don't want them living off my taxes.

Turns out the medical board will be probing the fertility specialist who implanted 6 embryos into a mother under the age of 35 who already has 6 kids. Good! Maybe he can support those babies. Being married to a doctor though I can tell you with certainty that he can't afford to support 8 kids let alone 14.

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