Monday, February 16, 2009

Father at 13

This story is down-right creepy! A boy in the U.K. was 12 when he knocked-up his then 14 year old girlfriend. He is now 13 and she is 15 years old and they are parents! There are so many disturbing components to this story:

1. I have to say in my personal opinion I would be less disturbed if the boy was the same age as the girl or 2 years older. Girls mature so much faster than boys and a 12 year old boy and a 14 year old girl just seem to be completely different animals. To make it worse he is only 4 ft. tall and looks like he is 10 years old. Ewww.

2. They were allowed to spend nights together.

3. The boy's father has 9 kids of his own.

4. When a reporter asked the young father how he was going to financially support his family he answered, "What's financially?". That is scary.

5. Two more boys have emerged claiming to be the father of this child.

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Britta said...

Okay, whew. I think I need to write a blog of my own in order to fully address this topic.

Charlotte said...

I agree it's almost too much to absorb.