Saturday, February 21, 2009

Chandra Levy

I realize that the Chandra Levy case really has nothing to
do with being a Not Easily Offended mom but I just wanted
to comment on it anyways.

My husband and I met in Modesto, Chandra's home town. A year after Erik graduated residency we went
on a 2 month cross country road trip. It was early on this
road trip that we heard about the case of the missing
intern. We were relaxing in a hotel room after a day of
driving and heard Modesto on the t.v. We turned up
the volume and were stunned as the story unfolded. Erik
knew of her father, because Dr. Levy worked at the
hospital that Erik did his residency at. Doctor's Medical Center. I had just taken a political science class at the
local junior college and our teacher mentioned Gary Condit all of the time. We were so far from Modesto and here it was on the national news.

As Erik and come up to our 9 year dating anniversary (we have been married 5 years) it's amazing that this
case is back in the news. Amazing but wonderful if
an arrest can bring some peace to her family. It
can't bring back their daughter but I hope this offers them something. And even if Gary Condit
is not guilty and the media coverage ruined his career.......I just can't get that sad for him. Chandra Levy was not the only woman he was cheating on his wife with........justice works in
mysterious ways.

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