Monday, February 23, 2009

Depression Kills

I just heard that a local mom may have committed suicide. I would never sully her family's name by mentioning her on my smart-ass blog. I am writing this only to remind, mothers/parents/people to take care of themselves. Suicide should never be an option.

Here are a list of local resources for Contra Costa County:

NAMI National Alliance for the Mentally Ill is a wonderful resource for individuals and families. Our closest office seems to be Concord.

U.S.A. and California Suicide and Crisis Hotlines Scroll down this site for a list of hotline numbers for every county in California. I have not called these to verify, of course I wouldn't want to tie up their lines, but remember we are in a economic crisis in California. If any of these numbers don't work due to budget cuts DO NOT GIVE UP! Call the next closest county, somebody who cares is waiting to listen to you.

Child Abuse Prevention for Contra Costa County Before you gloss over this thinking you don't need this let me point out that they have a list of links on the right side of the website, the first one titled Surviving Parenthood. Hello! Everyone I know needs to read that! In the less than 10 minutes it took for me to write this my 3 year old stripped naked and unrolled a roll of toilet paper and she is my easy kid!

Also the women that work at this place don't get a lot of funding but they work their asses off. I know because I have been to their office in Concord to donate a crib and a Bjorn, there were no fancy cars in the parking lot and they were ridiculously grateful for the donation.

I wish I could post more resources but I gotta go get Mike from Pre-K and I need to help Bekah put her clothes back on and wipe Jake's nose.

Remember, take a deep helps you yell Help a lot louder.

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