Friday, February 20, 2009

Mind Dump

bungee sheep no electronics jake light saber blue brother bill iraq soldiers sand food dessert rice pudding legalese love me time out.

The above is a one minute mind dump. My friend Clare did one at her blog for 25 seconds and she came up with way cooler words than I did. She must be more creative and type faster.

What can you come up? Leave it in comments or leave a link to your blog.


Clare said...

yay! I love bungeeing sheep! hehe. When I did mine Ray had sesame street on so that is how grover made it into mine. I took a sheet of paper and wrote mine down, then typed it in afterwards. I look forward to your next one

Clare said...

frank can cook in the midst of the ocean and I want to say that we all can be the best of the bunch for you are going to be the worlds apart for me to be that way. i am waiting for the rack of lamb to be cooked and this is the food of all that we are to be you and we are seeing this awful

there, i just typed that one without using paper. Reading it back, I realise I am strange! My hubby is playing 80s music in the other room, I can hear ABCs SOS right now. wish I could go back to those times, and then again,maybe not!

Charlotte said...

See what's going on gets into your head. I knew you had Sesame Street on. We have a bungee cord that keeps Jake out of our t.v. console and him and his sheep were messing with it. No idea where the rest of that came from. You have prettier words in your head than I do.