Monday, June 1, 2009

George Tiller Is a Hero

I am generally not this political and militant but in the last week 2 issues that are very important to me have been in the spotlight. Gay rights, and a woman's right to choose.

I was very disappointed last week when Prop 8 was upheld, denying gays their civil right to get married. Now an abortion physician was gunned down in his house of worship. That is vile. It is wrong to assassinate this man, but it is an even worse crime to murder him in a sacred space.

Now we get to hear from whack-jobs like Terry Randall, founder of Operation Rescue. His heartfelt quote of the day was that Dr. Tiller, "...reaped what he sowed.". What a hateful, disgusting, person.

The last 8 years the ultra-conservative right wing branch of the Republicans have been sitting around getting fat and happy. They have been complacent while our planet is dying, science was being debunked, and poorly funded, and civil rights were whittled away. Now that we have a progressive person as our President, it's like somebody threw chlorine in their stagnant pool of hate and ignorance.

But does the group of hate-mongers go out and vote? No. Do they organize peacefully in their local communities? No.

OK, OK, I realize last week I entertained the thought of rioting after Prop 8 was upheld, but you know I am just full of it right? Trust me I didn't go throw a flaming newsstand through a plate glass window.

As much as people hate George W. Bush nobody assassinated him. He had shoes thrown at him, but that was in Iraq. Why are the ultra-conservative so violent? Both in action and speech.

Dr. George Tiller provided quality health care to American women. A healer's job should never have to be dangerous. I can't imagine my husband having to wear a bullet-proof vest to work everyday, or having his own private security guard, or driving an armored car. Dr. Tiller had to do all of these things because he was courageous enough to provide abortions for women who were experiencing dangerous pregnancies.

Bill O'Reilly from Fox news called him, "Tiller the baby killer.". Obviously I disagree. A man who put himself in such danger everyday to uphold the rights of women is a hero.


Barbara said...

Good post. I was reading some other news about this and am outraged by the ignorance of some people and the "comments" they left under the article. I dont mind a difference of opinion but this man was NOT a murdered and it saddens me that some people feel that way. Especially when he helped women in horrible circumstances. People forget that no one really WANTS to have a late term abortion- these are not the people who use it for birth control. OK this is getting too long but I agree with you very much.

Pop Champagne said...

don't even get me started about ultra conservative people. they should just get deported to an island and live like mennonites. Do they ever think that some women gets raped and then gets pregnet, and that they don't want to look at that baby and remind them of the tramatic event that happened. I challange those ultra conservative women to walk alone in a dark alley in the middle of the night and I challange those ultra conservative men to be someone's bitch in prison. See how they feel and get reminded of that everyday. haha that's my rant. omg

As to your dim sum comment, I LOVE DIM SUM and I totally stuffed myself soo full when I was in Vancouver. I didn't care if I got the runs later cuz who knows when I will have good dim sum again hahaha

jennifer from pittsburgh said...

You've made some excellent points. I'll be honest, I don't understand the mindset of the far right and their value system. They often lapse into such vile hate rhetoric that it just seems antithetical to whatever message, apart from hate, that they're trying to get across.

Charlotte said...

It is all just so sickening, the ignorance, the hate. I don't get that mindset either. Abortion is not recreation. It's not fun and a woman wouldn't choose it unless she had to.

Dim Sum Runs----that sounds like a bad punk band.