Friday, June 5, 2009

Pre-K Graduation

So my oldest son, Michael graduated from preschool today. I used to think graduation ceremonies for preschoolers was silly until I attended one. I was a sobbing mess. And I wasn't the only one! And it wasn't just the moms.

The staff made a video montage of the year's events and interviewed the graduating students. They asked the kids questions like what's your favorite thing to do, who is your favorite teacher and then the killer........they asked them what they would like to say to their parents. All of the kids said I love you but my son said, "I want to make them happy.". Holy crap. I totally had to choke down a sob.

He can be so challenging at times but of course he makes me happy. I loved him so much at that moment that I let him eat 4 brownies and a cupcake for lunch.

Below is a picture of him after his first haircut. He looks so sweet, like he doesn't even fart huh? Here is a pic of Bekah and Michael this morning before school.

Here is Mike on stage rolling his eyes because he is too cool for school. And he refused to wear his sash and hat.

After Mike strolled off stage with his diploma he yelled,"Mommy!" and ran into my arms.

If I get this emotional about pre-school graduation, what am I going to be like at their high school and college graduation? I am going to be a train wreck!


The Quick's said...

So cute, I just love the little guy! World here comes Michael!

Charlotte said...

He loves you too!