Sunday, June 21, 2009

Father's Day Kind of sucked 2009

Ok so I have been stuck at home today. Mike is still struggling with a cough and all 3 of my monkeys have some bowel issues. Erik is on-call, and it's intense. So I am alone.

I have cooked with my kids, cleaned with them, danced with them, watched t.v. with them, played with water, watched our cat kill a mouse, and eat half of it before I tore it out of his mouth. It's been the longest day, and how ironic it's the summer solstice, FACTUALLY, the longest day of the year.

In between hanging out with my monkeys I have been glued to CNN and twitter. This shit going on in Iran is riveting. Current President Achmina........however you pronounce his name, probably should have been voted out, but voter fraud has kept his ass in "power". Remember, Iran is not a secular state, it's really the clerics who call the shots. So a complete revolution is occuring in Iran and all of it is being documented by amateurs!! Just think of Les Miserable filmed on a cell phone.

The attempt by the Iranian government to shut-down twitter is obvious, even to illiterate techies like me. You click on somebody's post on twitter and they have no followers, and this is their first ever twitter message........just seems hinky, especially when there are several like that.

What is really disturbing is the video that has been posted world-wide of a young girl dying. Her name is
Neda and she takes her last breaths on You Tube/twitter/Facebook and dies with her eyes open. Her father screaming her name. A doctor, a stranger to her from the crowd, tries to resucitate her, and fails, and prounounces her dead.

No wonder I wrestled a half chewed mouse from my cat's mouth, and threw it over the fence, into the creek. I have just had enough.


jennifer from pittsburgh said...

I watched the Neda death video yesterday from the website. I couldn't believe it. The Iranian gov't gave the opposition a martyr and a face to the oppression in one fell swoop.

Charlotte said...

I agree it's unbelievable. And I usually watch MSNBC news but they seem to be talking more about Jon and Kate plus 8's impending divorce.

Jeve (aka John and Steve) said...

Definitely gets your blood pumping. Other mice beware!