Thursday, June 4, 2009

Mornings and Super Cat

This is how we wake up every morning. It's not the same every day but it's always some kind of drama and huge mess. Every fucking morning. If you have known me longer than 1 month you know I am violently opposed to mornings. To wake up to some kind of disaster every damn morning is just G-d laughing her ass off at me. This is my 2 year old Jake. He has taken the wastebasket in our master bedroom and turned it upside down. And that was just the beginning. Jake then managed to shred and tear apart and roll in all the papers that had been in the wastebasket. I do mean roll, like a dog rolling on a dead skunk. He also incorporated some previously clean, and folded laundry, and bed pillows in his mayhem.
But that's not even the blog worthy part of this story.

My 3 year old Bekah has a stuffed kitty, Oscar-Garfield. Actually his full name is Oscar-Garfield Super Flying Cat of The World, and 2 weeks ago he went missing! Any parent who has a toddler with a beloved toy or blankie knows this is bad news.
I LOOKED EVERYWHERE!!!!!!! Until I gave up and ordered another 2007 limited edition Webkinz black Halloween cat on The new Oscar-Garfield showed up on Tuesday and everyone was happy, yay!!

Can you see where this is going? So we wake up Wednesday morning to Jake thrashing our bedroom and after I took pictures of this epic mess, I started shoving the papers into a garbage bag and guess what I found tucked way back behind our router? Oscar-Garfield Super Flying Cat of The World, The First.

Seriously? I recovered my shock and say,
"Look Bekah now you have 2 boys just like mommy!".

"No! I don't want him! I only want the new kitty! ". Dude, harsh.

"But Bekah he missed you and he has been lost for a long time." And then of course I start pretending like I am a kitty and talking to her and telling her how much I missed her, " mommy Bekah", etc. etc.

"No I don't want him!". Then my 4 year old Mike busts out with the quote of the day, "Family is family Bekah.". My husband and I are cracking up now.

Then Mike says, " I will take him.", and starts wrestling with him. Of course that made up Bekah's mind real fast! No way will she let her stinky brother have one of her Oscar-Garfields.

That was yesterday, today is Thursday. This morning's drama was Bekah getting a hold of a porcelain figurine and giving it to Jake, who smashed it on the bathroom floor. Nobody was hurt. I actually heard G-d laughing as I scrambled around naked, cleaning up broken glass.


sherri said...

we had a similar oscar-garfield story. M. sleeps with "lambie" lambie went missing too many times so we bought a backup lambie. but one day after we'd replaced lambie he found the old lambie and stood in the hall looking as if he'd entered the twilight zone saying in a slow, quiet voice, two lambies...but why? now he sleeps with two lambies and no backup and hopefully isn't too scarred.

Unknown Mami said...

Morning may suck, but "family is family" Charlotte.

Charlotte said...

Oh yeah it was twilight zone here too. And I felt like Bekah was having some weird post-partum moment where she rejects a baby or something it was wierd. BTW Jake has a Sheepy-sheepy.

Family is family. That is such a No on prop 8, after school television special kind of comment. I love it. It's all about unconditional love man.

tracy said...

Hey those rooms like mine! LOL


Allyson said...

What a story!!

Gotta love those unplanned 'adventures' like those. :)

Charlotte said...

Actually I like the different stuff that happens every day, it's the routines that drag on me sometimes. Except naptime. I like that routine.

The Quick's said...

Ok I am dying laughing over here. I love Mike's quote about family being family - where does he get this shit, its adorable! Look out I think he has a calling in life! I wake up a mess every fuckin morning too and I loathe mornings!

Charlotte said...

Yes he is going to write greeting cards.

Helen McGinn said...

Man, Oscar-Garfield is one creepy cat. ;O) xx

Charlotte said...

AWwwww, but he is soft and Bekah loves him.