Sunday, June 14, 2009

I am a Mum not Mom

Hi everyone. My dear friend Charlotte asked me to be guest author on her lovely blog while she makes the great escape this weekend. I am thrilled to bits. I have known Charlotte ever since I crossed the pond from England to marry one of her childhood friends. I remember a beautiful gal, (she still is) picking me up in her electric blue volkswagen bug and driving me around town.

So, a little about me. I am a fulltime working mum. We are raising an only child, a 3year old girl who is the light of my life. We never thought that we would be able to have kids, as countless doctors said it wouldnt happen and it did. I find that being a mum has been one of the most challenging, tiring, rewarding, wonderful experiences I have ever known. I could go on forever but I thought that I would list my likes and dislikes about being a mum. I can honestly say that there are not too many dislikes.


1. The hugs and kisses
2. Story time is my favourite. I try and incorporate a lot of British books into story time. My favourites are the Mr. Men. Check them out on youtube. Mr Fussy is the best. Who would have guessed that I married Mr Fussy? hehe. My husband is a neat freak
3. Singing with her. Lately, though, I cannot sing with her. She stops, says shhhh and then starts over.
4. Seeing something with her for the first time nad being able to tell her what it is. She had never seen a parrot in real life until last weekend. Magical
5. Going for long walks with her
6. Drawing and doing crafts. Unlike me, I think she will have artistic talent.
7. Everything Everything Everything

1. She talks in her sleep and we have thin walls. I rarely get uninterrupted sleep
2. Encountering some brutal mums out there. Okay, let me explain. I am talking about the mums out there, who look at you disapprovingly when your kid is having a tantrum at the mall. (Like their kid is perfect) The mums who look disapprovingly at you when you are feeding your child goldfish crackers in a grocery store. (Is that such a crime??) And the biggest ones are mums that I dont know asking me personal questions like is she potty trained. First, no. But then, who are you to ask? I always kick myself when I stupidly answer strangers questions about my child. I dont really have a nasty bone in me or I would say, mind your own missus.
3. My daughter would live on chicken nuggets, bacon and cheese. Sometimes that is her dinner. NO JUDGING. At least she got calcium and protein.

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Unknown Mami said...

I can't stand judgemental moms either. What's the point?

This was great and because it didn't post where you expected it to, it was sort of like hide and seek post.

Ending with Mr. Fussy was brilliant!

Charlotte said...

Ha ha your husband is Mr. Fussy! I re-published your post so people could find it. And I will never judge you about your kid's diet, Mike is crazy fussy too!

Thanks so much for doing this Clare, great post!

The Quick's said...

Clare, my son only eats hot dogs, mac and cheese and chicken nuggets and it bothers the hell out of my hubby but I figured if he is eating that is all that matters!