Wednesday, June 17, 2009

New Header and a Broken Pledge

I know I said I was going to keep the rainbow flag until after Pride Day, but I got bored. I am still down with N.E.O. LGBTs, but I have a short attention span and wanted to see a new picture.


Michael said...

What a delightful article.
Honest, too.
I have been around children all of my life, (having been one, of course, with 7 siblings) and seven children of my own.
Interacting with them and remaining calm is great training for working with the mentally ill in a psychiatric hospital setting, isn't it?
You have a lovely family, the children look so happy, and so does Hubby, of course, he would be happy, he has you.
You are quite beautiful.
And smart, and I can see that you have a sense of humor, what more could a man want?
I mean, aside from more sporting events with cheerleaders on TV.
I enjoyed the article immensely.
BTW, I hope you stick with Twitter, it takes some getting used to, but it is useful, (the latest news from anywhere is first hand on Twitter) and enjoyable.
I have met some intelligent, educated and just plain enjoyable people from around the world there, but as I say, it seems to take a little getting used to, familiarization.
Thanks for sharing your life online, I look forward to more of your writing and adventures.

Charlotte said...

Michael (my first born's name) that was a very complimentary comment thank you. I have 7 step-siblings and 2 "blood" siblings so I have a large family as well.

I was only half-interested in twitter until today. I really felt it was the most up to date coverage above all other media.

I adore my kids, I am just tired this weekend, so forgive any complaining.
I hope I run into you again,