Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Guest Bloggers, Party Pics, Renewed Commitment to Motherhood and Wifery

Wifery is not a word. If midwifery is a word why can't wifery be a word? I am still using it.

This is going to be a long post.

Thanks to all my guest bloggers!! Both in comments and in person, many of my friends told me how much they enjoyed the varied posts. You ladies rock!!

First things first. Last weekend kicked ass. Drunk before 5pm on a Saturday, girl-kissing, frontal nudity, pole-dancing, a penis whistle............that's what it's all about. For the sake of the bride I will not post nude pics (even though the nudity was my own), girl-kissing, or her face. She has a respectable job. Also her name really isn't "Lisa".

These pics are out of order, blogger hurts my brain sometimes. This is looking out the front door of the cabin. Excuse the wires I just wanted you to see that there is still snow in June. We stayed in a cabin in Truckee that belongs to Auntie M's in-laws. Way cool of them to let us stay there.

View off the back deck.

Mud-room. For native Californians, a mud-room is the entryway of a house in an area with bad weather. Like snow. I like that chandelier.

Front of the cabin, which is larger than my home by the way.

Living room of cabin and yes that is a feather boa you see in that box.


Awesome kitchen!!

I don't hunt either but I do have to say that the owner of this cabin "got" one of those bucks and his son "got" the other. And yes they do eat venison.

The view from the bedroom I stayed in.

I stayed in the "kid's" room and it was fine with me. I got to sleep in a bed by myself!!! For 2 whole nights!!!

Yep that's me. We were playing a card game and each card had a dare on it. "Lisa" picked dares for us to do and I got "Sip a drink from between a man's legs.". I am sipping beer from between this guy's legs. Yes my husband has seen this picture and no he doesn't care. I met this guy's wife too and she doesn't care either.

Drunk bride pole-dancing by 2pm. I told Auntie M she needs to do professional bacherlorette party planning.

Jack Black look-a-like with smelly pits. He was highly amusing. See the little penises on "Lisa's" veil.

I can't believe Auntie M and I look this good considering we had been drinking for hours!

She's beautiful. I am so glad my kids look like her. She is my husband's sister for those who are new to my blog. She is also my best friend and a total instigator of good times, and trouble.

Penis whistle.

Making money for the honeymoon.

I am sure you are wondering why we are taking a picture with a stranger in front of a train. Me and somebody else (I won't say who on this blog) flashed this train our titties. This guy is the conductor/engineer and he told us we made his day and took pictures with us. I will not post the flashing pictures because I was laughing so hard I couldn't suck my stomach in. That is not a pretty picture.

Damn that was fun! And I have to say that I took a cab back to the cabin from the bars, and was asleep by 10pm. I realized all of a sudden that, "Oh shit, I gotta go home and take care of 3 kids tommorrow.". That is really hard to do when you are hungover. I know because I have done it and I don't reccomend it.
So Truckee is about 3 hours from San Ramon and Auntie M did all the driving so it gave me time to think. Between reading trashy mags in the back seat I contemplated how just 2 nights away from my kids was a huge attitude adjustment. I felt so much better physically (sleep is good) and emotionally. I made a commitment to be less cranky, and sarcastic (who me?) and more engaged.
When I get stressed out I can emotionally dis-engage. I am sure I am not the only parent, or person to do this. So I may be blogging less because I need to talk to my husband more at night. And I want Erik to have a weekend away too, it's very beneficial.
Right now I am doing this post during naptime and we are stuck at home today because Mike has a fever. Poor monkey. Jake is getting over the croup too. Poor Bekah is healthy and is stuck at home with sick brothers. I am getting restless too but obviously I can't drag Mike and Jake out in public.
Anyways.......if any of my mom friends out there can take a break from your life I strongly urge you to do it! Vacations make better parents.


Unknown Mami said...

I got some vicarious fun out of the photos. Good times!

Clare said...

Well said. 3 nights away from our little one gave me a completely different attitude. I have been blogging less, taking walks with my girl and just stepping back from everything.

Damn you look skinny in the pic with the conductor that you flashed! I am so getting bigger. Sigh.

I am SO happy that you had a great time my friend. I loved being a guest blogger although mine was the shortest, lamest post out of all the other genius ones.

Okay, back to my wifery duties.

Charlotte said...

Your post was not lame!!! And I totally thought of you when I had my epiphany. Thanks for the skinny comment!

Mami sometimes vicarious is enough to get you through the day

sherri said...

that sounds like you guys had a blast. love that you flashed the engineer.

Sarah said...

Your weekend sounds fan-friken-tastic. (I have a job now and have to watch my language so as to appear more professional than I actually am). The husband I have been lucky enough to get a number of recent nights/weekends away which I am SO thankful for, but your post made me really crave a weekend away with girlfriends. Perhaps I'll go hang out at a bridal store and make friends with a soon-to-be bride.

Charlotte said...

We did Sherri, we did!

Sarah awesome on getting a job. Good solutiong hanging out at a bridal shop, LOL. I realize that I only have one friend left to marry off so I might need to go hang out in a bridal shop too.

blondie-lox said...

that looks like SO MUCH FUN!! i'm gonna get on the horn & plan a girls weekend.. ASAP!

Charlotte said...

I am glad we were able to inspire!

jennifer from pittsburgh said...

Looks like a great trip/party! Btw, we have mud rooms in PA too ;)
I understand the less blogging thing. Typically once MK is done with her school year I have much less time to blog because I'm either with her, or the kids, or both. Even though my kids are older, we still do a lot of family things together (movies, museums, hikes).
In fact, i have to post soemthing on my blog now about how I'm going to off and on for the rest of the summer...
Welcome back, Charlotte! Enjoy the summer!!!

Charlotte said...

See we don't have a lot of mud rooms here in Ca. but I know of them because my Dad grew up in Michigan. We don't have a lot of basements and attics either. That's an earthquake thing.

Me and my monkeys are housebound right now but as soon as everyone gets healthy then we will start to enjoy our summer break!! I can't wait!