Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Why Moms Can't Go To The Bathroom

Or take a shower, or pay some bills, etc. Usually when I take a shower at home when all 3 kids are present I leave out some snacks for them so they don't harass me. Because they have no problem barging into the bathroom and start begging for food while I am naked.

So I usually just put out this cupcake pan and fill it with snacks so they can help themselves. There is something for everyone in there: diced oatmeal cookies, cheerios and graham crackers, diced strawberries, diced apples, diced mozzarella cheese, and pretzels. Doing stuff like this makes me feel like a good little stay-at-home-mom. Everyone is happy! I get to shower with minimal harassment and they get to eat yummy snacks.
But today I just had to go to the bathroom. That's all. I wasn't even in there that long and everyone left me alone. Mike and Bekah were putting their clothes on in front of some cartoons, and well Jake was being quiet.

Jake was being too quiet. I left the bathroom to find him on the kitchen table chewing on apples. Not eating them, just chewing on them, spitting out the pieces and then throwing them on the floor.

I know exactly what happened, he was cruising along playing with that pink Care Bear and saw the sippy cup of water. So he decided to climb up there and get a drink and lo and behold a bowl full of apples.

Oh look there is another apple in front of the fridge. He threw that one pretty far.

The little monster is actually saying, "Cheese".

His cuteness is his best defense against child abuse.


Annyara Polanco said...

Hi super mommy. I´m just passing by to say hello and thank you for following my blog.

Charlotte said...

Thank you and no problem!

danica said...

Love the dimple. LOL I had the same thing this morning, kids were way too quiet. Luckily, kids were playing nice together(FOR ONCE!)

Charlotte said...

Oh for once that is always nice! I hope you are healing well!

Amy said...

charlotte -- i love your blog! (admittedly i haven't gotten to read far -- kids to chase on saturday mornings, you know the score.) love the muffin tin idea, and your kids are gorgeous. estelle is one of my all-time favorite people and we are all addicted to hearing stories about your family. i'm looking forward to reading more of your stories, too. amy silverman

Charlotte said...

Amy thank you for stopping by, I am glad Estelle introduced us. I must explain my header, Ca. supreme court upheld Prop 8 here htis week denying gays the right to marry. I was disappointed and feeling rather militant, hence the rainbow flag.

Thanks for the compliments on my kids and blog.