Tuesday, May 26, 2009

I Hate Prop 8

So today started off pretty awesome with a Hispanic woman being picked as a nominee, for our nation's Supreme Court. But then civil rights took a step backwards just as quickly as it progressed.

The horribly hateful Proposition 8 was upheld by California's Supreme Court. 6-1. To quote my brother Brandon, that is "6 justices who don't believe in civil rights.". I was angry and disappointed, but I turned off the television, and had a nice playdate with a friend and her adorable son. Then comes naptime, and my computer time, and now I am really angry after reading an article on S.F. Gate.

These are the paragraphs in particular that made me angry:

Among the first to go were Shawn Higgins and Robert Franco of San Francisco. The two men, who said they are engaged to marry, had stood for about an hour in the intersection calmly kissing while demonstrators all around them screamed, "Prop. 8 will go down, San Francisco (is a) big queer town" and other slogans.

Damn straight San Francisco is a big queer town! (excuse the pun) And don't you forget it! Who let the Prop 8 supporters over the bridges?!

Jorge Riley, 31, of Sacramento also got up early to make the drive to San Francisco to hoist his sign reading, "Gay = Pervert."

Seriously?! What a hateful, horrible person.

This is a civil rights issue, plain and simple. If you do not agree with me please do not read my blog, do not leave any comments on my blog, and do not follow my blog. Quietly go and unfollow me. And tell your friends not to read my blog. I am too angry and disgusted to be diplomatic right now.

I think rioting is completely warranted. I know that is a shocking statement, but think about it. Somebody is telling you that you can't get married. Think really hard about that........you can't marry the person you love. Wouldn't you feel outraged? Hurt? Demeaned? Feel less than a second class citizen? I would.

I want to take to the streets but I am ashamed to admit that I get caught up in the logistics of whose going to watch my kids while I am in jail. And honestly I don't want my kids around those hateful, ignorant Prop. 8 supporters. They frighten me, so I am sure they would frighten my kids.

This is the part of that article that gave me hope:

While some police officers kept watch from the outside of the protest circle, about 10 officers were positioned inside. Each of those 10 officers are gay, lesbian, bisexual or transgender, said Lt. Lea Militello of the Tenderloin Station.

"Absolutely it affects me. I got married in October," she said.

Police Sgt. Carl Tennenbaum said the officers on the scene ranged from gay to conservative, and many had to say they had "mixed feelings would be putting it mildly." However, he said, "You just have to set the issues aside and do your job."

Maybe when supporters of Prop. 8 see that this truly affects "normal" citizens like police officers, they will begin to change their minds. I say this because I am under the impression that many supporters of this hateful legislation have only experienced stereotypes of homosexuals. They are not aware that gays, lesbians, bi-sexuals and transgender people come from every walk of life. So I believe we will have a chance to put this on the ballot again and make justice and equality for everyone.


jennifer from pittsburgh said...

Thanks for that! It was very well stated and heartfelt. I am not a Californian, but you know, this has ripple effects. Hopefully people get mobilized and we get the rights, even here in PA, that we need.
Again, thanks!

Charlotte said...

No thanks needed because it is heartfelt! I brought kids into this world, they deserve a fair place to live.

Unknown Mami said...

Justice for all, not just for some. The day is coming when people will be ashamed to have stood for discrimination. There was a time when inter-racial couples could not marry. It was wrong to discriminate then, and it continues to be wrong.

Charlotte said...

Ahmen sister! And didn't mean to steal your thunder re: the supreme court nominee. That was sooo cool and then slam!

Anonymous said...

I do want to make a comment about Jorge Riley. He shouldn't be one to throw stones at glass houses! He would frequently go to gay clubs, and has participated in MANY "3 somes." Before he judges anyone he should look in the mirror. He's a father of 6 (that he knows about) 6 different mothers. He owes over 40,000 in child support, AND has had a child taken from him because it came up positive for drugs. Who is HE to judge? For someone to have so many "political" friends you'd think that he's fix his life before he destroys other peoples lives! Thank you for letting me say my peace!