Thursday, May 7, 2009

New Poll

Check out the poll to your right---------------->

Vote and tell me what you think of this new background. I like the colors. I am not too crazy about the theme. I think a theme that would match the vibe of this blog would be poopy diapers and crazy, screaming women but I can't find that anywhere.


Barbara said...

OK I voted, sorry I was all negative. :-( It is cute, love the color scheme, but it is too busy for my tastes. And the checkers kinda give me a headache. LOL

KLo said...

The black and white squares make me dizzy, and the hearts remind me of being at the eye doctor and trying to ascertain if something is directly in the middle, to the right, to the left, to the top, and blah blah blah.

Your blog is so cool, though, that I suppose I can overlook it (I voted negative too, though, sorry ...)

Sarah said...

I voted dump it too; sorry. I'm not opposed to color and kind of wild (my backgrounds a bit wild too). Something about the B&W squares just gives me a headache. But, I think you're funny so I'll still stop by even if you keep it :-)

Charlotte said...

It's not called negativity, it's called honesty and I never ask for an opinion if I am not willing to hear the truth. And I guess I owe all of you a bottle of acetaminophen or maybe some narcotics if I can get ahold of my husband's triplicates.