Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Liberals Need to Have More Kids

Now anyone who knows me knows that I support a woman's right to choose. I strongly believe that family planning is hugely personal and none of my damn business. So you just need to hear me out while I try to sweet-talk you into having some kids.

This weekend I was at a party at a friend's house who has 3 kids, just like me, she has a set of twins though. I met this woman through my old mom's club that I unintentionally blew up. I have remained friends with her because she is way cool and because I don't feel like a freak of nature around her. This woman is also a member of a club for mother's of twins, triplets etc. A few months ago the 2 clubs collided at a kiddie museum, and I felt so much more at home with the mom's of multiple children. Recalling this experience with her, over a few glasses of wine last weekend, got me to thinking how come I can't find more like-minded people with more than 2 kids.

So I started searching on the internet, and basically it's divided into 2 camps: Conservatives with big familes and Liberals with zero, 1 or 2 kids. I could not find anything about Liberals embracing large families.

And yes I know the first argument I am going to hear; Carbon Footprint. I get it, more people on this planet depletes more resources. But what if Liberals have more kids than the Conservatives and the Liberals' kids grow up to be fiercely ecological and save the planet? It could happen.

Simply put the Xtian right wing are popping out babies all over the place, so some of us liberals have to do our part to stock the voting booths. Just because Obama got into office doesn't mean we can get all complacement, we need to think 4 years ahead. My genes gave me the hips and boobs, and society gave me the attitude needed to produce some compassionate, and informed, future voters. I have done my part what about you?

I truly understand your hesitation. Honestly for years I did not want kids at all, but then I met a man worthy of children. I dated many a guy I would marry, but not reproduce with. My standards for myself are much lower than the standards I set for a father of my children. My husband would have many more kids, but being pregnant is not my favorite state of being, so I am done.

Need a little more proof that Liberals need to have more kids. Check out the link below. It is an excellent article explaining in length, the diminishing population of progressives. Progressive is what you can call yourself if Liberal makes you feel funny. In summary, Conservatives have huge families mostly because they follow more evangelical religions. And it shows that statistically most kids do not rebel against Conservative parents, so therefore they also give birth to large Conservative families. Not good for the future of my America.


Even further proof that Liberals/Progressives need to outnumber the politically Conservative. Below is a disgusting racist article from a racist blog that I tripped upon while doing my half-assed research this evening. This moron cites the Duggar family (Mormons with 18 kids) as the perfect "White" family. Ewwww. The comments were just as revolting. The people who read this blog were going on about how wonderful it is that all of these children only have one father and that they are not minorities and hopefully the Liberal media won't villify them. Frightening.


Leave it to S.F. Gate to put it into basic terms for the simple-minded like me. This chick cites Longman's essay, and breaks it down simply that Liberals need to have more kids, not pets. She closes the article by making a joke about putting birth control in the water system of Salt Lake City, Utah. That's one way to take care of a Red state.


So if you can afford them, have a few. Take one for the team, I sure did.


Britta said...

In theory, I completely in agree with you. In practice...uh...can I have a nanny? And a surrogate?

If it makes you feel any better, I predict that at least half those conservative babies will be wildly rebellious and become the progressives of the future. I know this because I grew up in a conservative Mormon family of 4 kids, all 4 of whom are now big loudmouth liberals. I don't think it goes the other way around very often--as in, if you grew up in a liberal household, it's probably pretty unlikely that you'd rebel and become a conservative. At least, I'd hope not.

Tales from the Hamper said...

Does it help a little that I would consider myself a wee bit more conservative than you and only have 2 kids? A sort of political equilibrium?

Charlotte said...

Yes Britta you can have a nanny,surrogate, wet nurse whatever you need. I am a strong believer in, "..it takes a village.".

See I am more in line with what you believe. I was skeptical of those stats. I actually grew up in a super liberal household, that was free with the drugs and alcohol and was anti-religion. I ended up converting to Judaism and I can't ever imagine smoking a joint with my kids! My husband yes, kids no. So I didn't become a conservative but I did become more conservative than my mom and step-dad and just have better boundaries than my dad. Sorry TMI.

Charlotte said...

OK so Tales of the Hamper we can cancel each other out in the voting booth. Until our kids become old enough to vote.

elanmc said...

Your best post ever! Funny & smart - just like you!

Charlotte said...

Wow, thanks Elizabeth! I wish you were still in California.