Thursday, January 1, 2009

Happy New Year!!!!

Happy New Year!!! I am sooo looking forward to 2009. Much love and peace to everyone. Here are the highlights of 2008:

Janurary 2008

-Charlotte called the director of Mike's preschool a dominatrix in her blog and then had to go back and delete it because some nosy mom read it.

-Charlotte had her first mentstrual cycle in 3 years because she was finally not pregnant or nursing for the first time in 3 years. This happened the morning Erik and Charlotte were to fly to Vegas. This was supposed to be the first time Charlotte had been to Vegas in 3 years when she wasn't pregnant or nursing.

-Our beloved nanny Katie informed Charlotte she was moving back home to Washington. Noooooooo!

Februrary 2008

-All 3 kids got pink-eye so Charlotte took them to the beach.

-New nanny quit after one day, breaking the old record of a day and a half. At least she didn't just walk out like that other one did after Mike hit her in the head with a dump truck.

-Charlotte found another nanny, a keeper, Sarah.

March 2008

-Charlotte beat her Dad at Scrabble by 400 points.

-Charlotte pulled Mike out of his preschool before they kicked him out. Mike assaulted teachers, students, used bad language and ran with 3 pairs of scissors in his hand.

-Jake turned 1 year old! Giving Erik and Charlotte a 1 year old, a 2 year old and a 3 year old!

April 2008

-Charlotte had a root canal.

-Michael outgrew his kidney reflux that had been diagnosed when he was 20 weeks in utero. Erik and Charlotte were greatly relieved!

-Erik and Charlotte spent a weekend all by themselves in San Francisco. They did nothing but eat and sleep.

-Michael started his third preschool and finally found a place that could handle him!

-Erik had pneumonia.

May 2008

-Charlotte ripped almost her whole pinkie nail off while trying to wrestle Bekah into her carseat.

-Erik and Charlotte took all 3 kids to an open house in a 2.5 million dollar home that had just been remodeled. Erik and Charlotte strongly advise other parents to never do this.

-The whole family went to Auntie Kristin's 40th birthday party and had a great time.

June 2008

-George Carlin died

-Erik and Charlotte had a date day in Livermore for father's day. They had lunch and went wine-tasting.

-Charlotte dressed up all 3 monkeys in Giants baseball outfits and took them to Grandpa Rankin's baseball game for Father's day. Grandpa Rankin's team is named The Giants. Mike, Bekah and Jake are the unofficial mascots.

July 2008

-Jake gets a double ear infection and Roseola.

-Mike is the star of the end of year preschool show.

-A friend of a neighbor gets into a physical fight on 4th of July night and Charlotte has to call 911.

-Estelle visits.

-Merrill and Chris sell their house.

-Mike and Bekah go to Jewish Day Camp together.

-The whole family goes camping with Grandpa Rankin and Grandma Cherie.

August 2008

-Charlotte spends the whole month obsessively watching politics on t.v.

-Mike starts Pre-K

-Bekah starts preschool and doesnt' shed a single tear.

September 2008

-Sarah Palin

-Charlotte's brother Bill came to visit.

-Charlotte's brother Bill gets deployed to Iraq.

-Charlotte loses 26 lbs. in 9 months.

-Bekah feels her first earthquake and the boys don't even notice.

October 2008

-Rutting season starts in San Ramon and there are a ton of wild deer running behind Erik and Charlotte's house. Chris Grimmer wants to hunt them with a cross-bow.

-Charlotte takes all 3 kids to temple by herself for the High Holy Day services and survives.

-Charlotte's best friends of 30 years visit with their children.

-A semi-truck hauling 2 trailers of dirt, loses one of it's trailers and dumps dirt all over a sidewalk on Erik and Charlotte's street.

-The whole family visits numerous pumpkin patches and Mike pees on one of the pumpkins.

-Erik's sister Merrill and her husband Chris move into their new home in San Ramon, yipee!

-Charlotte quits mom's club before she gets kicked out.

November 2008


-Erik and Charlotte go to Erik's 20th high school year reunion.

-Charlotte's friends start a new mom's club and let her join.


-Charlotte's dad beats her at Scrabble.

December 2008

-Bekah turns 3 years old.

-Bekah gets her first haircut in a salon and tries to scratch the hairstylist.

-Bekah gets potty-trained.

-Erik and Charlotte go to a Raiders game in the rain.


-Happy New Year.



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