Tuesday, January 6, 2009

White Trash

I just want everyone to know that my husband thinks the new pic on my header is very white trash. It happens to be a picture of our backyard. It was really cold that day and I wanted a fire. The cooler is left over from a New Year's Day Brunch that we had. If there are still cold drinks and ice in a cooler I just can't bring myself to empty it. Once it is all melted then I will deal with it. I like to go out there and grab a drink from the cooler because it makes me feel like I am camping. My husband gripes a little but when I head out there he always asks me to grab him a beverage.

The fire really annoyed him because I wanted to burn used paper plates and newspaper. It wasn't a "Spare the air day" so I didn't see why not. Erik pointed out that adults don't do that. Really? I pointed out that when I was on my grandfather's farm in Michigan after everyone opened their Christmas presents we burned all the wrapping paper in a huge steel barrel outside in the apple orchard. And those were adults setting the fire, not kids. Erik rightfully pointed out that we weren't on a farm. I childishly said I don't give a shit and proceeded to burn stuff. He got over it. Erik is a very good and tolerant husband. I love him a lot.


Barbara said...

Funny, I was wondering what the heck was on fire in your back yard! We burned the wrapping paper last year too, in our house fireplace, and it was much hotter than any of us expected. You are smart to do it outdoors.

Charlotte said...

Learned that lesson from the elders. Now just explain that to my husband, he still thinks I am crazy