Friday, December 26, 2008

More History-Been Booted

Ok really fast, my name is Charlotte, I have a big mouth (which really comes across through email), and I blew up a mom's club. That got me to thinking where do the moms go that aren't easily offended by everyday life. Then I thought in my spare time, which comes between diapers and laundry, I should start a blog where moms can read about other moms that aren't afraid to have a life outside of their kid's lives. So that's where this blog came from and I am still cutting and pasting the evolution of N.E.O. Moms from my other blog. That other blog is mostly day to day kids and family stuff but you can still look at it if you want.

Halloween 2008

So I ended up getting kicked off my mom's club yahoo groups, and may get kicked out of the entire club. Lame. My husband has started calling me a social pariah. I know who my friends are, but still I feel like such a loser.

I have been kicked out of parties, bars, restaurants and classrooms but a mom's club? That is a new low.

It's possible I can write a suck up letter to the International Group of Mothers (yes that does exist), I am still pondering that idea. Not sure if it's worth the effort.

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