Friday, December 26, 2008

More History-What Happens When You Associate With Psycho Chicks

So I am still trying to explain the why and how of this blog. How it came about, why I feel it's necessary. I am cutting and pasting from my other blog about the incident that caused my old mom's club to blow up.

To bring you up to speed; I was in mom's club with cool chicks, but then prudish and some mentally unbalanced women joined and changed the entire mood and direction of our club. I have a big mouth and pissed off some people. But people that really know me, know I was just kidding and that I am relatively harmless. I sent a smart-ass email to some friends and one chick I felt sorry for cause she is kind of crazy and unemployable. Well she is a lot more crazy than I thought because she turned around and sent it to everyone!!

Now not for one minute do I think that was an accident. But I really do think she is nutsy-cuckoo so I just can't bring myself to say it was totally and completely on purpose. So that's why I continue to say she did it on accident, even though my friends don't use that word at all.

October 2008

As much complaining as I do about drama in my moms club, now I am the unintentional instigator. Somebody accidentally sent my fake letter to the whole mom's club.

My joke letter was buried under a thread of emails that had turned to talking about the cold weather in the East. So hopefully most people won't scroll all the way down and read the original email. Ugh, I was just venting I didn't want people's feelings to get hurt. Now I have caused more work and problems for our president M and her son is sick and she doesn't need this. I just hope I don't have to kiss ass or get kicked out. I will of course take responsibility for my big mouth, but it's gonna hurt.

I am going to take the kids out of town today and hide. Wish me luck.

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