Saturday, September 5, 2009

While The Cat's Away The Mice Will Play

I am going on vacation starting Monday and I have the most amazing line-up of guest bloggers for all of you! Seriously, this is going to be good! I chose the topics of Politics, Religion, and Sex. The 3 topics you are not supposed to bring up in mixed company should make for an interesting read.

Monday will start off with a bang with a post written by a cool chick I met on twitter. Hell Is on Heels.

On Tuesday, September 8th, the author of The Lilac Grove will be here. I know that sounds like she is all fluffy and sweet and possibly boring. No, no, no this girl drinks whiskey and is not afraid to lay it on the line.

Wednesday we are going international. I am dying to know what a Scottish mother of 3, who authors a cooking blog has to say about religion, politics and/or sex.

Thursday the 10th of September I will be boarding a plane with my husband, mom and all 3 of my offspring. This is also the day that a dear friend Julie will tackle these heavy duty subjects. She does not have a blog, but she is a small business owner, has 2 wonderful teenagers, and a mini farm, with goats, dogs, cats and chickens. I can't believe she can find the time to write something on my blog so I am also eager to read what she has to say.

Friday 9/11, an unlucky day if you are superstitious, so I decided to hand my blog over to a controversial figure. Billy Bob Neck will give us a redneck's view of life. I want to test my readers and see if they are really Not Easily Offended.

Saturday I will be attending my brother's rehearsal dinner and visiting with family in beautiful San Diego. This is also the day that The Claw will rend my blog with her wit. If you like me you will like her. She is a smartass, has 2 boys, husband is a physician and she is also a Saggitarius. What's not to like?

Sunday September 13th is my brother's wedding. My boys will be the ring bearers and Bekah will be one of the 3 flower girls. I will show you so many damn pictures when I get home you will run when you see me coming! How's this for a blog title, "Official Buttwiper"? Aren't you just kicking yourself for not thinking of that title first? I do everytime I read it. She is an asshole Republican and I am dirty hippie but we manage to get along great. (Mickie you called yourself an asshole Republican first :) )

The 14th and the 15th are wide open right now but I am working on it. I will not let you down.

And back by popular demand is The Unknown Mami. She was a guest earlier this year and everybody loved her writing. An Hispanic mommy, aspiring actor and cool chick.

Enjoy yourself!!

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