Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Del Mar High School's 20 Year Reunion Class of 1989

So last weekend I went to my 20 year high school reunion. As soon as I got home Sunday morning the requests on Facebook for pictures and information were flying. Most of them were worded, "Give me the dirt!", "Inquiring minds want to know.", "Hurry and upload some pictures. ". I did upload a ton of pictures on Facebook, on my personal page, and I had some minor dirt to share with close friends who couldn't make it, but seriously folks it was pretty tame.

I had a ton of fun the night before at the pole-dancing class I took! By the way if you ever want to do that make sure you stock up on Motrin and prepared to be bruised. I have horrible bruises on the inside of my right arm from swinging on the pole and the inside of my thighs..............well I used to date this really skinny guy with bony hipbones, that's what it looks like. Eventually you build up calluses, but at my reunion I felt compelled to tell people that my husband does not beat me.

The reunion was at the Santa Clara Hilton which was really nice and there was booze and dancing and good conversation. But unlike my husband's reunion nobody got naked or passed out in public.

Some people went outside and toked up, as evident by their breath and red eyes, and some single ladies ditched the party and went out bar-hopping. And I swear one guy may have been coked up that night. In all the pictures he looks like the devil because his eyes are so dilated they look like they have red laser beams shooting out. He used to be such a sweet boy.

The 20 year is really different from the 10 year high school reunion. At your 10 year a lot of people are still single or just got married. 10 years later most everyone is married, with young kids and some people are already divorced. I thought my life was complicated but I do not have step-kids or visitation issues, so I really shouldn't complain.

The whole experience just made me feel so grateful for my mate, kids, situation. When you see somebody you may not have had a lot of respect for and they aren't doing so great in life, don't lie, there is a part of you that feels satisfied. But when you re-connect with somebody who you really liked and who has made some bad choices in the last 20's just sad. I went back to our hotel room and gave Erik a big smooch.

My husband is wonderful. I can take him anywhere. He will talk to anybody! He tells me, "Well honey talking to strangers about personal stuff is what I do for a living. ". I know that but he wasn't at work he was at a party and it's obvious that he enjoys talking to people and they enjoy talking to him. I can go off with my girlfriends, or go to the bar, or go dance, and he is fine. I could never be with a man that you have to baby-sit or that clings to you, or pouts in a corner. How awful!! And when he does get bored or tired, he just goes back to our room, he doesn't get annoyed or jealous or possessive.

I have only uploaded two pictures from that night because I didn't get permission from others and because my damn camera was having issues. Hint, hint my birthday is in December. As you can see by my giant smile and squinty eyes I had been drinking. Pictured with me is Meshell, who is one of the most beautiful people on the inside and out, she has not changed her heart since like 7th grade. We lost touch but she only lives about 10 minutes away so we will be hanging out again.

And there is my wonderful, awesome, not annoying husband. Stupid camera.

So I need to hook you all up with some guest writers. I will work on that later this afternoon or evening. Erik and I are doing a mini-vacation to San Francisco next week and then when we come back we are heading to San Diego for my brother's wedding. Taking all 3 kids on an airplane!! Eeeeek!!


Clare said...

At least the plane ride is a quick one! They will be so excited that they won't give you any grief. (I Say with my fingers crossed)

Jemma Ruby said...

Your posts are always hilarious! I missed my 10 year reunion but the goss that I really didnt miss much. Anyways, good luck with the flight. One of my friends had to fly home to the USA with her two girls by herself last year and she said when she got there her husband came very, very close to being a single father. :-)

Unknown Mami said...

Maybe not a wild reunion, but it still sounds like it was fun.

Charlotte said...

Clare I think you are right that they will maintain because it's a short flight and a new experience. I feel so sorry for your friend, that's nuts. Yes I did have fun Mami, I can find fun anywhere.

sherri said...

I missed my 20th wish I could have gone. A few other things...
1. dude you are stacked.
2. my bday is in dec.! when is yours fellow sadge?
3. my e-mail that actually works is shurbs at gmail dot com if you want to give me the details on guest posting if you still need it!

Charlotte said...

1. That push-up bra does a good job of re-directing boobs from oozing into my armpits.
2. Dec. 5th and Bekah is the 3rd! So you blog, you're married to a dr. and you're a Sadge, perfect human being.
3. Ok just sent email invite to you, it's been a long ass day. And it ain't over yet. Erik is on-call, and 5 yr. old is being an asshole about bedtime.