Tuesday, September 8, 2009

A guest in the house of Charlotte

Oh hi! It's me, Clare from the Lilacgrove. I am so happy to be guest blogging here today while missy takes a much deserved break with her family.

It was suggested that us guest bloggers write about Sex, Religion or Politics. Jeez what do I write about? I am not a very controversial person. No bones in the closet type a gal. Don't like to offend, be looked down on, talked about but I am certainly am not 'church lady' Folks, I haven't been to a church service in 20 years. Weddings, funerals yes but Sunday morning with a Reverend whats his face? No. I believe in God, the afterlife, angels, the devil and prayer but the thought of sitting down for an hour or so in a church just makes me go funny. I was born and raised in England and my family's religion was Church of England. So what is that in America? Protestant? God knows. Ha! My Dad was adopted but found his biological sisters and brothers 25 years ago (thats how I met my husband. Came out to america to meet my Uncle and met my husband when I was 17) His biological mother was raised in a jewish household. I don't think this makes me jewish because my mum's side is Church of England. Right Char? I attended my first Sedar last holiday. It was so much fun but my 3 year old got wriggly after an hour.

You know what burns my muffins? When I meet people for the first time and they can't get past two sentences without mentioning the G word. What did you have for Breakfast? I had eggs, bacon and God loves you. Quit shoving it down my throat. Yes, I believe in God but STOP IT. I used to know someone, I will call her Mabel. She was having difficulties in her marriage and found God. It was like she had changed bodies. This beautiful, intelligent, fun gal had suddenly joined a Church (this one was more like a Cult) and her personality got zapped right out of her. The radio station in her car went from KFOG to KGOD

My beautiful Godmother was taken away from me five years ago by Cancer. She was truly the most beautiful person and a wonderful friend. I would go to her when I wanted a second opinion aside from my mums and she always had time for me. She was a Christian and attended her church a few times a week. She NEVER did the whole God this God that. She knew that I believed and that was good enough for her.

Hey, I am getting outta this blog and leaving it up to the good writers in this world to carry on. This has been so much fun for this British gal. Thank you Charlotte for letting me do this.


Charlotte said...

I loved your comments about the woman who found G-d and became posessed, that's basically what it sounds like. I get wiggly after an hour of Seder too!! And Yes Judaism is technically passed down through matrilineal lineage. Thanks so much for doing this Clare!

Nekidduk said...

I feel the same way about those people that have to interject God into every single sentence they say. I have an old friend who turned way religious and it's just beyond awkward now. I've decided every time she mentions being blessed or that God is good I'm going to counter with some quip about masterbation or something. And the Church Lady...thanks for that. Brings me back to a time when SNL was worth staying up late for.

The Quick's said...

I totally feel you about people mentioning GOD before I can even get the F word out, so annoying. And I love that your godmother never questioned you - those are good people!

Unknown Mami said...

I feel the same way about G*d forced into the conversation. I feel like I am at a store with a pushy salesperson.

Great job, Clare!

Helen McGinn said...

Yup...couldn't agree more. Excellent post hon. x

LinLori said...

"What did you have for Breakfast? I had eggs, bacon and God loves you."
Beautiful!! Absolutely beautiful.
I agree. I think that if someone is going to try to get someone else to join their religion, they should lead by example. I generally don't bring up my beliefs unless someone else leads the conversation that way. We all have differing beliefs and there's tons of educational resources out there for someone who's searching.
I've got enough stuff I'm still trying to figure out about religion - why should I take it upon myself to shove it down someone else's throat?
Anyway, hopefully some of that made sense. I loved your post.