Sunday, September 13, 2009

dirty deeds

Um, hello there. My name is Sherri, a.k.a. the claw. My blog, covers a variety of topics including but not limited to: the rock and the roll, film, angst, preschoolers and preschooler angst, talking about redoing rooms in my house, Bravo and Lifetime reality shows, starting various projects I don't finish and my love of Prozac and wine. Well, that last part isn't really "discussed" per se, but if you've ever read a comment I've left on your blog after 11:15 or so at night and there is quite a bit of rambling and non sequiturs and typos involved, I'm just saying. Which is worse? Drunk dialing in college or drunk commenting if you are forty? I suppose there is no record of drunk dialing on the world wide web...but I digress.

Charlotte was been kind enough to guest blog over at my place (here and here) and I was only too happy to return the favor. I say was. Until I learned of the topics we were to choose from as guest bloggers. I thought and thought and felt that politics and religion, even though they are a laugh a minute don't really provide that little something something that the topic of sex does.

So here we go.

My oldest son turned four years-old yesterday. So I've had sex once or twice.

I was thinking about how different he and his younger brother are. They couldn't be more different really. Nor could the way they were conceived be more opposite. If you are a parent - do you know which "time" your child or children were, uh, made? Where you were, under what circumstances?

I do. And I started thinking about whether or not this in some way colors a child's personality. Not seriously, really, but it is very interesting to me the correlation between the deed and the dude. At least my dudes and their respective deeds. Speaking of deeds, allow me to digress for a moment.

O.k., sorry bout that, Angus Young, I lurve you. Back on track.

Take my oldest son, for instance. We had been trying for over a year after two miscarriages in a row to have a child. I had become a bit, um, mildly obsessive about it. I would read books all the time about ovulation and things on the web about possible causes of miscarriages (waste of time - no one can tell you shit usually about why women miscarry - if you ever need to talk about this topic w/someone who's gone through it though, please feel free to e-mail me at my place). I could hardly think of anything else at this time but how to solve this situation.

The day M. was conceived, I woke up and did my pee on a stick test and yes I was ovulating, no time to waste. We happened to be at our friends' house in Raleigh, where we had spent the night and were in a guest room. I ran back in to tell my husband we needed to get busy on the air mattress and so we did. I won't go into the details obviously, but let's just say it wasn't very romantic, sex for us had become a single-minded duty at this point. It was a bit mechanical and filled with trepidation of the outcome.

But the outcome this time, would be a wonderful, amazing son. Who can be a bit serious for a four year-old. And can be very methodical, a tad OCD at times. Who is data-oriented. Who has a serious attention to detail and focus, who loves a challenge. Who is sensitive and emotional. Who is a lot like the way he was created. Here is working on a Transformer.

And then, a year-and-a-half later we had our other son, W., who wasn't unplanned but rather a big, awesome surprise. And who is reckless, silly, unafraid, highly affectionate, optimistic, unpredictable and basically always in search of a good time. His conception was - a little different than his brother's was, and his personality shall we say is a bit reflective of that as well.

So this theory of mine is total B.S. but I'm curious - do you remember when your kiddo was conceived and does anything about the circumstances remind you of that child's personality?

Thanks to Charlotte, for letting me grace her sphere of the blogosphere that is N.E.O. Moms and please know that you are welcome over at my place anytime. Hope to see ya there.

And here's another one of my dudes. Why? Cause I can.


only a movie said...

Fabulous fabulous post, Ms. Sherri. Deed and dude, indeed.

I'd rather not go there in my case, hahahahahahah...

amy @ switz~art said...

fab, fab, fab post!!!!
i was conceived in a shitty old motel. hmmm....oh, and i think my parents were drunk.
when i have kidlets of my own (hopefully freakin' soon!!!) i will come back to this topic.
love it!

Creepy said...

ha!! I tried to get pregnant TWICE.. and have exactly TWO kids. Obnoxious I know.

Ms. Movie was present for the conception of my second child you know...well, she was down the hall anyway. She was staying at my house for our younger sister's wedding festivities... and well... Hubs and I were in a festive mood...

Unknown Mami said...

Great post! Fun theory.

Kathy B! said...

What a great post!

As for drunk commenting? I'm glad I'm not the only one!!

Mama Ashley said...

LOL! This is almost a mirror image of how my boys where concived and how they act as well!

Charlotte said...

I think your theory holds water. Mike was conceived on my honeymoon, he was planned for, but jeez we didn't think we would get pregnant that fast. He likes to party and is full of surprises.

Bekah was conceived the weekend my father survived a fatal heart attack. He was intubated Friday night after being zapped back to life and by Monday was playing Scrabble at his kitchen table. My husband and I were intimate to celebrate my father's survival. Bekah's O.B. nurse said Bekah was the first newborn she ever saw that smiled. I have a picture of her less than 15 minutes after birth smiling. Happy to be alive, just like my dad. And she can talk your hind leg off, just like my dad.

I didn't discover I was pregnant with Jake until I was 7 weeks along and I was on the birth control pill. And yes he has a strong, determined and single-minded personality. He gets the job done.

I have also been guilty of drunk commenting, drunk Facebook and I love ACDC.

sherri said...

My love for you is cemented now that I know you love AC/DC. Thanks for letting me guestblog!

Charlotte said...

Thanks for commenting on how cute my monkeys are as they were dressed for my bro's wedding. And AC/DC rocks!!

Charlotte said...

Thanks for commenting on how cute my monkeys are as they were dressed for my bro's wedding. And AC/DC rocks!!