Monday, May 3, 2010

Summer Camps 2010

After picking up my 2 oldest kids from school, I informed them of all the wonderful camps and activities I spent the whole morning signing them up for. My 5 year old proceeded to give me an alternate list of camps that he would prefer to attend.  All the way home from school he cracked himself up with these perfect camps:

Fart Camp
No Underwear Allowed Camp
Killing Sharks with Nerf Guns Camp
Weirdo Camp
Butt Camp (just in case you didn't get enough of Fart Camp), and
Wrestling With No Shirts On Camp



julicle said...

Ya gotta give him props for creativity. :-)

Unknown Mami said...

Sometimes I feel like I'm in fart camp.

Charlotte said...

I am Camp Leader at Fart Camp and it stinks.

Nekidduk said...

Bet kids would have more fun at all those camps. And as far as the no underwear allowed camp...I'm pretty sure that one's not just for kids. ;)