Sunday, May 9, 2010

Mother's Day 2010

Since I am a mommy blogger I am obligated to write something on Mother's Day.

I celebrated on Friday by going wine-tasting with my N.E.O. Mom friends in Napa. That was awesome!

Saturday my 4 year old daughter and 5 year old son had dance recitals.  That was awesome!

Today, Mother's Day, not so awesome.

My husband has been oncall all weekend, I have barely seen him. My kids were beastly today and it was pouring rain, trapping us inside. I could have gone to the gym but the time I got my act together the daycare was closed.  They closed early for Mother's Day.

I dragged everyone to the grocery store, during the brief time Erik was home, so we could have some together time and get out of the house. A husband is almost as bad at the grocery store as 3 kids.

I planned to make an amazing dinner, because I love to cook.  But Erik got called back to the hospital, so I cancelled it.

I let the kids play in the mud once it stopped raining, bathed them and put them to bed.  Bekah was inconsolable, crying for her father. I ran out of patience. Now I feel like shit for yelling at her and want to wake her up and apologize.

But this Mother's Day is still marginally better than the Mother's Day we took the kids to Hooters for dinner.

Happy Mother's Day.


Barbara said...

Wow Charlotte, sounds like it wasn't the best day. Sorry to hear that- you deserve a fantastic mothers day! Although my experience is that it really is just another day in the life of a mother- and the crappy stuff is definitely part of that. :-) Sorry especially about the Bekah thing- I have had that feeling before and it is the worst. Hang in there and I hope that tomorrow is better!!!

Bea said...

Sorry it wasn't a fabulous day-mine was pretty much a normal Sunday and I don't have any excuse!

Totally agree on the husbands and kids at the grocery store thing. I don't even bother, I send mine to the book store while I shop. Or shop alone.

Glad to hear that the first part of the weekend rocked though!

Hugs, Beatrice

Charlotte said...

Barb, Bekah woke up before I went to bed so I was able to apologize.

Bea I usually shop by myself, I just wanted to change it up. Bad idea.
Everything is cool now.