Monday, January 4, 2010

2009 Year in Review, for the Not Easily Offended Part 2

March 2009

*I posted a few Weight Watchers recipes.

*I came clean about the post-partum depression I had after weaning Jake.

*I wrote a lot of shit about American Idol and the only reason I am going to watch American Idol this year is because Ellen Degeneres will be a judge. I think that is Fox's apology to gay people for Adam Lambert not winning last season.

* I wrote a post about Recession Proof Jobs in March of 2009 and made a comment about giving my husband a well-earned blow job. Months later his 83 year old grandmother told me she read that and couldn't sleep that whole night. I was/am mortified.

* I received the most comments I have ever received after I grumbled about kids on leashes.

*Four Oakland, Ca. police officers were shot down by an asshole felon.

April 2009

*My brother and his wife came to visit and brought Swine Flu with them. OK, actually I don't know if it was really swine flu but we all got really sick after they left. Everyone had it including the grandparents, it was brutal.

*But the visit overall was awesome and we had a great time!! And it was nice that he came home alive from Iraq.

*Sandra Cantu and Melissa Huckaby, tragic.

* I got published again on an online newspaper.

* I got on CBS 5 Eye On Blogs

I am going to have to finish this later.


Helen McGinn said...

Hi, I couldn't get on to your blogs...any of them for a I can get back on this one...yeah....hope all is well. Just wanted to wish you a happy new year.
Helen xx

Charlotte said...

I have been having tech difficulties too, glad to have you back and Happy New Year!!

Unknown Mami said...

It was a good year for you as a blogger.