Saturday, January 30, 2010

During My absence

So much for the weeks of Weight Watchers menus. I had the best of intentions but life came along and kicked me in the balls and I really didn't feel like blogging at all.

The week of MLK my youngest brother got a blood clot in each lung and landed himself in the hospital for almost a week. He is only 33 years old so it was a huge shock. He is at home resting now and hopefully healing fully.

That same week my laptop left this world for a better place. It had taken too much abuse and refused to work any longer under such heinous conditions. I have a new one coming in a few weeks so in the meantime I am on Erik's old laptop. This one has a messed up letter "P" key which you have to push really hard, so for the rest of this email just ut in a "P" where you think one should go. It's really hurting my inkie finger having to ress it so hard.

Another thing that has been reventing me from blogging is that my kids no longer na. They still do quiet time but it's not that quiet. They want me to read them stories, feed them snacks, change the t.v. channel, and lay games. I also have to hel my 5 year old with homework and mediate fights and kee Jake from causing roerty damage.

Jake is another reason I haven't felt like writing. Long story short, we knew as arents that Jake has a seech delay. We had him assessed and it turns out he may have some other delays as well. Fairly significant delays. I got this news a few days before Xmas and it was a kick in the balls for sure. We immediately enrolled him in seech theray and he is excelling. We also enrolled him in a class called Infant Devlopment Program at the same school his siblings attend. It's very intense and structured and he is doing very well there. Jake has no diagnosis yet and is scheduled for a sychological evaluation in March. Wish us luck.

My oldest son Mike is also scheduled for an aointment with a delomental ediatrician in March. I just breed quirky boys. Wish us luck for that one too.

I have realized now that my goal as a mother is to get my kids through high school, emloyed and living on their own. I just want them to be indeendent and self-sufficient. Anything else is gravy. College, healthy marriages, glorious grandchildren etc. is all gravy. I am just focusing on the fact that my kids are healthy and absolutely gorgeous and if they do become suer stars then I will burst with joy. My goal for Bekah was to cure cancer and Mike and Jake are to be outrageously wealthy rofessional athletes. That could still haen.

And what about Bekah you ask? She's fine. Sassy and bossy but that's comletely normal. And I am being esecially nice to her because I realize she will be the one taking care of me when I am old.

I feel better getting those events out there in the oen. Thanks for listening. Maybe my writer's block is over now that I have gotten those heavy things off my chest.

I am all about hay endings so here's what has been keeing me from going over the edge: WE ARE GOING ON A 7 DAY CRUISE AND LEAVING ON VALENTINE'S DAY! I can't fucking wait!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I don't even care that I am still chubby from the holidays. If you are good while I am gone I will take a icture of my tits in a bathing suit and ost it here for you to enjoy.


Nekidduk said...

LOL! I'm sorry, I'm laughing so hard my sides hurt. I think that you should start at letter a and pick one random letter of the alphabet to leave out of all your postings. That's BRILLIANT!

Where's the picture of your tits by the way?

Charlotte said...

Ok I chickend out taking a pic of my tits because the weather wasn't that great on the cruise. So I didn't lay out by myself.