Friday, July 3, 2009

Facebook Status I have to Share

Sometimes the comments I get are funnier than the original status update I write on Facebook. Below is something I, Charlotte, wrote and my friends' comments:

Charlotte thinks Michael Jackson is probably getting pretty ripe about now, they should put his scrawny ass in the ground.

Yesterday at 1:27pm · Comment

B. at 2:01pm July 2
You are pure comedy! I love it!

P. at 2:22pm July 2
You are probably right, but they have most likely embalmed him like they did Stalin. We are going to see him "buried" on Hollywood Blvd in the glass coffin for all the tourists to go see and photograph themselves standing in front of him.Or maybe they will have him on display in Las Vegas....Or perhaps it will be a moving exhibit hitting all the major cities in a year long tour.... Yes, this is sick. I realize that.....

S. at 2:35pm July 2
There's probably not much to get ripe. Most plastics will last forever. They have plenty of time to parade him around before they stick him in the ground. Or glass coffin like your friend says.

D. at 3:13pm July 2
They'll launch is body in space so that he can orbit the earth

C. at 3:18pm July 2
Treasure Island in Vegas will buy him to be part of their pirate show

M. at 3:42pm July 2
Or, since he is mostly made of plastic, they will melt him and turn him into Lego's so that little boys can play with HIM for a change.

J. at 5:19pm July 2
LMAO @ above comment.

Charlotte at 8:59am July 3
LMAO at everyone! These were the best comments ever!!

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