Monday, September 12, 2011

Stupid Assholes

Do you ever get really frustrated with your atypical child?  Most of the time you are patient, but sometimes you wish for a kid who doesn't think outside of the box.  Can't they just be a jock/cheerleader kid and not a blue-spiky-haired kid?

You draw a deep breath and look away only to see another parent look at your child with a disdainful look.  WTF?  Whoa Nellie!  I can be irritated with my child but you need to be grateful to be breathing the same oxygen as my kid!!

And 20 years from now when your kid turns over their paycheck to you for rent money you will see my kids signature on the bottom. 

That is all.


Unknown Mami said...

Dude, I'd be happy to have your child sign my paychecks. Bring it on.

Fairy said...

LOL :)